Friday 28 March 2014

How to make bunting

There is loads of scrap material donated to Kungwini Welfare Organisation and as usual I found myself at the sewing machine making as much bunting as I could muster the energy to make. Over the last 2 years I must have made nearly 4kms of the stuff. Every year someone asks to buy it and new stuff has to be made to decorate the Nickel Xmas market the following years.

Having made the bunting for the market, I decided to make some to sell also and if you want to buy some it costs £5 for 3 meters and is pot luck which colour/pattern you get. Contact me on twitter @chickenruby or on my blog to place an order, send me your UK postal address and I'll send you my bank account details. All money raised will be used to purchase Educational supplies.
 Steps to make your own bunting
Use a template to cut out an equal number of pieces. I used a sheet of A4 paper and drew a diagonal line from the centre to the corners. For 3 meters you will need 9 flags, that's 18 cut outs.

Place 2 pieces right side in, sew the 2 long lengths and turn the right way round.
I used binding ribbon that costs around 35p per meter, approx 3 cm wide, fold the ribbon in half and sew the flags into the centre, creating a nice, neat hem.

I opted to sew the flags close to one another and some of them having buttons sewn between each flag.

If you want to order a specific colour and or length, I will need to quote you as I will need to buy material. Get your orders in quick as I'm in the UK 7th April and will need to make it before I leave or I can send it over in September or ready in time for Christmas.

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  1. That is really great. We are doing shapes at school at the moment