Tuesday 4 March 2014

Sun Cream in Africa

For the last few days we've had nothing but rain, which suits me and it's also given my skin a break from using sun creams, that I find are quite greasy, take an age to dry and often stain clothes. It has been nice to shower, dress and do hair under 15 minutes rather than spending up to 45 minutes (depending on which sun creams I use) waiting for the sun cream to dry.

Every day is tiresome, but it's not only cancer I'm protecting myself against it's the ageing process that is sped up from the sun, so many people here have that leathery skin look from the out door life having not used sun cream.

Even in the rain I still use factor 50 sun cream on my face daily as a moisturiser under my foundation. I use the one from Boots in the No 7 range as it's none greasy, drys well and isn't shiny.

I just need to find a sun cream that I can use daily on the rest of my body, one that dries quickly, is none greasy and doesn't stain my clothes. it's ok when you're on holiday, hanging around waiting 30+ minutes for it to dry, but not every day, when you've places to go and thinks to do.

I've tried the big branded names and the supermarket own brands, but it's too expensive to keep trying new products so I was hoping you'd be able to recommend products I could buy, that offer not only the sun factor protection, the higher the better, it reaches 30c here in the summer and is around 20c in the day time in the winter, are reasonably priced and most importantly don't take ages to dry, aren't greasy or stain clothes.

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