Wednesday 2 April 2014

Easter Gifts

After a few tweets and a couple of instagram posts. I collected £71 from friends in the UK and Canada to purchase sweets and crisps to hand out to children in facilities in and around Pretoria. The plastic chickens were donated last christmas.

Monday was the Children's home at Kungwini.

 Tuesday an Early Learning Centre in Olievenhoutbosch.


Wednesday an Early Learning Centre at Kungwini and one at Lethabong, followed by a visit to Mamelodi and The Viva Foundation and another facility I came across last month.

There was even cakes for the adults in the protective workshop.

Today I delivered some more to a girls home in central Pretoria, I can't upload any pictures of them as they are under protection orders. I have 19 more packs to hand out in North Pretoria to another protected Children's home on Monday and then I'm all done.

Thank you for your donations.

St Josephs Brownies
Aruna from Facebook

if anyone else is interested Easter is now over as I'm off to the UK on Tuesday for 3 weeks, I'll leave you with a sneak preview of my next project which is making up learning resources to aid teaching.

Paper, printing, felt tips, prestik and laminating costs around R200 per pack, which is just over £10.


  1. I love how there is so much colour in the school. Your pictures are great.

  2. Thanks for sharing this post. love the picture.........