Friday 24 June 2016

Time lapse photography - Peony Opening HDYGG

Camera - iPhone5s
Settings -automatic
White balance - harsh strip lighting
Focus mode - automatic (lens could probably do with cleaning)
Aperture- no idea what this is
ISO - again no idea what this is
Lens - 0mm

I love peonies, my mother had them in her garden, she'd taken the tubers from her mothers garden around the time she got married which was in 1944. The great, great, great grand children of these tubers are still going strong in her garden today and I assume the other gardens around the UK where she has lived.

I saw these cut peonies in the supermarket and they reminded me of my mum, it was her birthday on Monday and I'm 3000 miles away in Dubai so I bought them to cheer me up, my mother however would prefer fuchsias as they remind her of her mother.

I took photos of the peonies because I don't have much luck with cut flowers in Dubai, the shelf life is usually 2-3 days, before they start to wilt. I have no idea why this is, but I'm sure the aircon and lack of cold water probably contributes to their demise.


  1. What a beautiful colour! It's amazing those tubers are still growing after all this time, she is obviously green fingered. Nice to see another peony this week.

  2. Beautiful colour. It always amazes me how tight the buds on a peony are but how big the blooms are. What a shame they only last a couple of days.

    1. sadly the bloom has died now and one bud didnt open

  3. Happy birthday to your mom... It's a little miracle that any living thing survives in the heat in Dubai

  4. A very late catch up from #HDYGG which did seem to be dominated by lovely peonies - I think this one was my favourite colour though.