Wednesday 22 June 2016

Looking to adopt a dog in Dubai? Meet Bonnie.

She loves to play

Meet Bonnie, she is 8 months old and a new addition in our home for 2 weeks. We are fostering her until the 30th June in the hope that someone will adopt her, when they see how loving she is, how well she gets on with our dog and pretty much ignores the cat.

How could you resist?

Bonnie is under the care of DAWS - Molosser & Bull Breed Rescue UAE to be eligible to adopt you must have a residency visa and live in a Villa. Please contact DAWS directly for enquiries on adopting Bonnie.

We have a few chewing issues, she is a puppy still. A couple of toilet accidents, a few moments when she's helped herself to the contents of the litter tray (gross) and it's fun and games when we go for a walk, as she doesn't want her walk to end and digs her heels in as we round the corner towards home and I end up carrying her home.

 She works well on a lead

But we have had issues persuading her to come home after a walk

I thought the bowl was part of dinner

 Unlike Bob, she eats very well and chews each mouthful

 She has her own bed but wants to share with Bob

 She loves playing with toys and with Bob and shares nicely

Bonnie loves company and her and Bob follow me from room to room

We already have a cat and dog who were rescues when we were living in South Africa.

The cat, Pushkins, is aged 7, and until last month had been a girl for 4 years, the vet informed me, 'she' is actually a 'he' and always has been. We struggle to say 'he' so the poor cat is now referred to as 'it'

The dog, Bob aged 6, is a boy and has been living with us for 3 years.

Both were house trained and Bob has NEVER chewed anything in his life. He pulls when he's on the lead, he prefers to be off lead and responds, eventually, to come back on a walk. Bob follows me from room to room and is constantly under my feet.

Pushkins is currently being kept in the house, due to it being severely over weight, it helps itself to the food left out for the cat feeding scheme in our street.

You can see more photo's and updates on Bonnie on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook or like my page Chickenruby.


  1. I hope Bonnie gets adopted.

    Poor Pushkins now doomed to a life of "it"

  2. Bonnie is lovely...brilliant that she's settled with Bob after such a short time. I hope she finds her perfect forever home :)

  3. Bonnie looks a gorgeous dog, hope she finds a forever home that's good for her. And Pushkins and the food, naughty it. They say cats don't overeat - one of mine did, Bob incidentally and one point she was round like a ball, but her enforced diet worked (yes Bob was a girl - these crazy mixed up cats!) Thanks for linking to #PoCoLo x

  4. people keep asking me how i didn't know she was a he, but to be honest i've never spent time looking at its bits