Saturday 18 June 2016

Week 24 - One daily positive, Project 366 and SnapHappyBritMums

It started as a fairly quiet week, then I had a mad idea and we're fostering an 8 month old, female, Pit Bull Terrier mix.

Her name is Bonnie and she is gorgeous. We decided to foster for 2 weeks as I'm out of Dubai for the summer, hoping to get her adopted through the power of social media, so apologies in advance for the endless posts and photo's. It also means we won't feel pressurised into keeping her, especially as after 2 days she's fitted in with our lives beautifully, even the cat has stopped hissing at her.

It's Ramadan, it's the middle of summer, despite being on reduced hours at work, I've had headaches from the heat and access to liquids during the day, especially on the drive home as it's illegal to eat and drink in public during day light hours, oh and after teaching I really need a cigarette, but that has to wait till I get home also.

I had intended to write more about Living and Working in Dubai during Ramadan this week, but it's also coming to the end of term and I have data entry and reports to do, so I'll try again next week.

On the blog this week:

#MySundayPhoto Ramadan Mubarak
#PhotalifeChildren A rare photo of the 5 of them together 
#AnimalTales Keeping the animals cool in summer
#HDYGG and #PoCoLo Breaking fast with dates 

Sunday Day 164 #onedailypositive #project366 #relax #june2016 #snaphappybritmums one of the benefits of living in Dubai is that day 1 of my week, despite it being a Sunday, is over. I'm spending my afternoon and evening drinking rose tea, reading the #teensschool report and my books and magazines on #ramadan and I have a few letters to write. How's your Sunday?

Monday Day 165 #onedailypositive #project366 #outdoors #june2016 #snaphappybritmums we waited an hour before sunset to head to our local beach, just 1km down the road. It might as well be 1000's of kms away in the heat #summerindubai there was a cooling breeze off the sea with air temps of 34c and sea temps of 28c after a swim, Peter went to @hardees to fetch dinner once #iftar was announced by the mosque on the #beach at 7.12pm#ramadan2016

Tuesday Day 166 #onedailypositive #project366 #green #june2016 #snaphappybritmums despite the endless sunshine and lack of rain in Dubai, I'm successfully managing to keep the lawn nice and green #garden#gardening #lawn #summerindubai

Wednesday Day 167 #onedailypositive #project366 #bbq #june2016 #snaphappybritmums BBQ's are for winter in Dubai, in fact ANYTHING that requires cooking is a no go #summerindubai we haven't used the oven for months, except for a batch of cookies for school that nearly killed me with the heat. The hob/stove is used only for boiling the kettle for tea or pasta.

Thursday Day 168 #onedailypositive #project366 #LookingUp #june2016 #snaphappybritmums could've shown you a picture of the Burj Khalifa but that doesn't fit in with what I'm doing. Lots of #travel over the next 2 months and planning my route in South Africa, Munich and the UK looking up addresses and phone numbers of family and friends to arrange meeting up.

Friday Day 169 #onedailypositive #project366 #game#june2016 #snaphappybritmums this is Bonnie our#foster #dog and we've been playing this game non stop. We tidy everything away, yet Bonnie still finds something to chew. She is only a #puppy and she is a #rescuedog and it's only her 2nd day with us.#dogsindubai #pets #dogs #dogsofinstagram

Saturday Day 170 2pm #onedailypositive #project366 #water #june2016 #snaphappybritmums current temp of water from COLD water tap is 40c in #Dubai


  1. I have to say Ramadan would drive me nuts even here, but in a hot country it seems dangerous. Hope the fostering goes well.

    1. the most dangerous time is when everyone races home from work to break fast, the roads are a nightmare and there are lots of accidents

  2. Ugh! 40C water from the cold tap. I have the greatest admiration for anyone who observes Ramadan, but for someone who hasn't done it all of your life, it's not part of your own beliefs and you're living in somewhere as hot as Dubai, that must be so hard!
    On the plus side, how cute is Bonnie?!

    1. the end is in sight, school has finished for the summer, Ramadan finishes next week, I'm off on my travels on saturday and Bonnie has been a delight to have