Thursday 25 August 2016

HDYGG Summer in Dubai 2016

On my return from the UK after 7 weeks of travelling I discovered the neighbours had erected a fence at the back of our property. It looks OK and the more shade the better as far as I'm concerned but, did they really think it was ok to cut through the rope holding the Bougainvillaea upright and just leave it to cover the path and for me to sort out?

I'm NOT happy and I'm going to assume it will be a wasted activity going round there and asking them to rectify the issue, so I'm just going to tie it back up.

I've been amazed at what has grown since I've been away. Peter was only away for the last 3 weeks, so the garden and indoor plants have only been without water for less than half my trip.



I'm going to let the ground cover take over for now, will be planing seeds directly into pots, inside the house to germinate where it is cooler and then move the pots outside.

Inside has faired a lot better but my hydrangea didn't make it, I'm planting it outside on the off chance it can be salvaged.

Empty pot where the hydrangea used to be. I'm surprised the basil has survived.

Only 1 succulent survived, the daffodil never flowered and the white pot at the back contains last years hyacinths.

I'll need to repot these plants, they're a bit wiry, but first I need another visit to the outdoor garden centre to buy some more pots.


  1. Sorry to hear about your Bougainvillaea! And how rude! Your basil is a little miracle plant; surviving so long without water.

    1. basil grows like weed over here, it's very hardy and woody

  2. that's very naughty about the rope and the Bougainvillea. I'd be angry too - especially as it looks like there was no need to cut it.

    1. they could've just trimmed it back from their side