Saturday 1 July 2017

One Daily Positive - Week 26 Neighbours and a trip to Belfast.

Sharing some of my news this week has lifted a huge weight lift off my chest. It wasn't my news to share, until the boys had told everyone they wanted to know first hand, but their news will have a huge effect on my life and will no doubt cause me a lot of worry over the coming months.

I started on some long term medication for my migraines last month, a side effect is that they are appetite suppressants and I genuinely don't feel hungry, my tummy rumbles and I am eating 3 times a day and eating far more healthily than I've done in a long time. After a recent health scare where my stress levels caused my white blood cell count to shoot through the roof that it caused alarm with my GP who asked me to visit a Doctor in the UK to have the tests repeated as a matter of urgency to rule out Leukaemia. The NHS were amazing, the bloods were taken and results were back within 5 hours, the levels had dropped, to near normal, but I have to go back next week for repeat tests to find out the cause. It's possible I had a virus, but other than migraines and stress I haven't actually been physically ill, although the above could've masked it all, but a virus shouldn't have seen the results go quite so high.

176 Sunday. Beauty.
Collected the teen from school and off to meet the girlfriend and parents in Stratford upon Avon. He leaves school a weeks time and if they are to continue with a relationship, regardless of how uncomfortable the teen feels about Mother's involvement, it's not going to be possible for them to see one another without parental involvement with one living in South Wales and the other in Stratford.

177 Monday. Muse. Photo prompt ignored.
Happy Birthday to me. I'm staying 45 this year and I'm going to start counting back wards from now on. Coffee in the afternoon with a friend and a tea party organised by my sister at my mum and dads house with my 2 nieces, nephew in law and 3 great nephews, not sure who the party was for really, but I had a lovely time.

178 Tuesday. Stairs. Outside the flat door.
I met my cousin from other grandparents for lunch, in Newport. Well me had an afternoon tea, actually we had coffee, but you get the idea. Our Grandmothers were sworn enemies who lived in the same street, their son's, our fathers, grew up together and remain close friends today. Elizabeth and I drifted in and out of each lives, forming our own friendship over the past few years.

179 Wednesday. My View.
I collected child 2 and we went to Gloucester to visit child 1 and take her out for lunch and to do some shopping.  In the evening my friend took me out for a birthday dinner. Sadly it has been decided by myself and child 2 that I actually can't manage child 1 on my own anymore. It took 2 of us to get her in and out the car, it's almost impossible to manage her, her bag, the bathroom, doors, the trolley etc and actually be safe. I spoke to the staff in the care home and the next trip out will be with them, we'll meet in town and they will just have to facilitate her time with us from now on, which they are more than happy to do as long as I buy the coffee.

180 Thursday. Yellow. Apparently in the UK I need to use the indicators. In Dubai I just confuse other drivers if I use them.
I took the emergency shirts and ties to the teens school in Tewkesbury in the morning for his Prom that evening and the emergency cash needed for drinks and bought emergency shoes and came home with a car full of the stuff he doesn't need at school any more. The afternoon was spent sorting out the council tax, paying bills in Dubai and the UK and banking in both countries, cleaning the flat, washing and ironing.

181 Friday. Switch.
Plans changed due to family stomach bug, packed for my trip in the morning, pottered around during the day and baby sat my niece in the evening, taking my dinner with me to cook at my sisters. Had a run in with a neighbour who was abusive towards me which I reported to the police and had to make a statement, they will be having a word with him.

182 Saturday. It makes me happy.

Flew from Birmingham to Belfast with Easy Jet and staying in Moira till Tuesday evening. I'm visiting child 4 and meeting the girlfriend before he starts his tour in the Middle East for the next 7 months. So happy I managed to fit this trip in.

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  1. How awful your neighbour was abusive.
    Glad your blood count seems more normal now.
    People complain when their children are young about how hard life is with them, I wish all mine were under 10 again, life was much simpler than it is now they are grown.

    1. Life was so much easier when they were all under one roof although I didn't appreciate it at the time

  2. Happy birthday! Glad to hear your blood count is more normal and it's interesting that you're eating more healthily. Sorry to hear you can't take child 1 out on your own any more, but it sounds like very hard work. It made me laugh that they don't use indicators in Dubai.

    1. Sarah I have to forget how to drive and re learn as I swop countries.

  3. What a nightmare neighbour. Not really what you want. Pleased you were able to see your son before he flies out.

  4. Glad you seem better health wise, but you really didn't need the neighbour abuse. Hope that is sorted out.

    1. Hopefully things with the neighbour will have been sorted by the time I get back

  5. What a juggle - and you definitely don't need neighbour issues on top of everything else. Hope all is resolved and one day you'll get that family photo again x

    1. Hopefully neighbour issue resolved now, who knows re the family photo