Thursday, 13 July 2017

Precious family moments with My-Picture photo canvas prints.

This is my family, a treasured photo taken in a car park in April 2017. The first time all 7 of us were in the same country since 2007 and the first family photograph since 2004. With one child emigrating to Australia this month, another on active service and Hubby and I living in the Middle East, I doubt we'll get the chance to have another family photo for a very long time.

It's not the best photo or location, but it is very precious to me and I wanted to display it, so I contacted who offered me a 60x40cm photo canvas print. It was simple to order, starting by uploading a photo and postioning it according to the size of canvas required, enter the code in your shopping basket and complete the postal details and pay for p&p.

With this special promotion code: CHICKENRUBY valid until 20th August 2017 you will be able to create your own, personalised 20x20 cm (retail price 29 GBP) or 30x20 cm (retail price 34.90 GBP) canvas print from completely for free (just paying for product shipping!) or use the code as a 9 GBP discount for ordering any other, larger format canvas print. 
Check out the other photo products available. I've ordered traditional prints for the children and grandparents to send around the world and the personalised photo blanket and photo cushion will make a great alternative as a gift for our eldest child who is disabled and less likely to damage them than she would a canvas print. As she is unable to verbally communicate or read, it means she only sees us a few times a year and this way she could see us, safely, on a daily basis.
Disclaimer: A free 60x40cm photo canvas print is on it's way through the post to me right now as I type. (Value £25 + £5 p&p) I will add a picture once it arrives and is displayed on the wall. If there are any problems, I'll be honest and let you know how the company dealt with it.


  1. It's a lovely photo and your happiness shines through too.

  2. Aww! This is a lovely photo. So nice you could get everyone together x