Monday 3 December 2018

How do you decorate your tree at Christmas? Blogmas18

This is our Christmas tree. Christmas for the last 9 years has been in the sun with temps in the mid to high 20's. It's winter in Dubai, but you wouldn't think so. The previous Christmas's were in summer living in South Africa. 

It's really strange putting up the tree and decorating the house when the sun shines, the kids have now left home, but I still like to mark the seasons and festivities.

We were given this tree by my MIL 11 years ago, it's probably time for a new one soon, but the prices in Dubai are astronomical, a real tree retails around £150-200, so artificial it is.

Our decorations represnt our expat life. I'm Welsh and Hubby is English. Child 3 lives in Australia, the other 4 children live in the UK.

Christmas photo baubles, front photo is when they little, the reverse shows them as they are now.

We collect baubles from our travels, this year's additions are from Germany and Greece.

Lots of animals from South Africa.

We also decorate the rest of the house.

Anyone else have trouble with lights?  These worked when tested, by the time they were wrapped around the tree they'd stopped working.

There decorations are waiting to go up in the garden.

These decorations will go up in the porch out the front.

Stand still in our house and you'll get decorated.

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  1. I agree that the seasons should be celebrated. I'm sure it must be odd to decorate when the sun is casting it's hot rays down.

    1. it is very strange still having christmas in the sun

  2. love your tree decorations as they are so personal to you as a family. I did laugh at your cat lol #blogmas2018

    1. the dog found it funny also and hubby just rolled his eyes