Thursday 31 January 2019

Do you get to enjoy your garden?

Do you ever just sit in your garden and relax? Or like me, find there is always something that needs doing and by the time you've finished, you realise you've spent all day in the garden but working, not relaxing.

This is the garden at the end of summer. it's very humid in Dubai and the plants, tree's and grass just grow and grow.

We've installed an irrigation system to allow us to water next summer without standing out in the heat

The climbing plants are taking hold now providing some privacy in the garden from people walking past

Upstairs balcony is set up, but cushions etc have to come inside every night or they get covered in sand and there has been some rain here this winter.

Seeds planted in November are now producing fruit, veg and flowers. They germinate really quickly in this climate.

4 days later.


The lawn has been reseeded, twice, it doesn't help that we have a dog who likes to dig.

Whilst the garden looks relaxing and inviting, it takes time and effort every day to set it up, especially having to sweep the sand and clean the table and chairs daily.

The balconies get covered with sand, the windows too and I seem to spend all my time cleaning and setting up just to be able to sit outside for 5 minutes to drink my now cold cup of tea.

So this is what I use most of the time, this balcony area off our bedroom, you can see the sand on the floor, swept only 3 days ago, it gets in the bedroom.

I can't be bothered with taking the pod cushions outside unless I'm spending the day at home and only put the chair cushions out when we have guests in the garden and we BBQ.

 The garden today after sweeping and hosing the patio down.

When the summer comes everything gets put away and covered to protect it from the sun. I can't be bothered to spend the time setting the garden up just to show you what it can look like, just for a photo.

The idea of a lovely garden with cushions, umbrellas and decorations is nothing but hard work and therefore it rarely happens. A lot of our neighbours have maids whose job it is to set it all up and put it all away at the end of the day on their behalf.

Do you spend much time in your garden? When you do are you just relaxing or working in it to create a relaxing environment that you rarely use?


  1. I don't sit in the garden in the summer - too hot and humid. Normally winter is the time to sit and enjoy the garden and blue skies. The arctic vortex covering the Midwest has temps up north at minus 32 degrees F yesterday and today. Down here in Florida we have had unusually cold temps of 40s, 50s for last week.

    1. I've seen the US has had some very cold weather at the moment

  2. I don't tolerate heat well so rarely sit and simply enjoy my garden. However like you when I do go into it there is always so much to do, so even if it's milder I am doing chores. #pocolo

    1. there seems to be something to indoors and outdoors all the time for me also

  3. Hi Suzanne, we have a garden, but the summer heat makes it hard to maintain. My husband tends his grass lovingly and manages to keep it alive in even summer. Our front balcony is a proper mess at the moment, but in the summer we do tidy it up and it's nice to sit out early in the morning or in the evening when it's cool. We do get rain that brings orange sand from the desert at certain times of the year and it's a right pain. I do not envy you the sweeping of the sand, life is just too short.

    Popped by from #PoCoLo


    1. been enjoying the garden since i swept the sand out of it again and moved some plants for maximum sunlight

  4. We do both - but often it's more working than relaxing, and then when you do you spot something that needs doing, but it takes a bit to convince your brain it doesn't need doing right now! Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

    1. I've had to bring all the cushions in again as rain is forecast and I can't be bothered to go in and out with them