Tuesday 3 September 2019

Flora and Fauna in Australia

The thing that strikes me the most about Australia is how colourful it is and the amount of wildlife, especially the birds.

We saw a lot of kangaroo and wombat road kill and it was actually over a week before I saw a live kangaroo, then they were everywhere, not many photos of them in the wild as they really do move fast.

It was winter time when I visited to see my son who lives out there. I've posted some random photos of the wildlife and in the sanctuary's we visited as well as views of the country side, the greenery and flowers.

An Ibis, affectionately known as a Bin Chicken

Royal Botanical Gardens, Sydney at the wharf

The seagulls were small and beautifully clean everywhere


A bird on the rocks on the beach

Succulents on the beach

The Blue Mountains

Cockatoo's in the wild, very friendly but also pestering people for food in the towns and cities

These Magpie Larks are also aggressive with food, in the parks there are signs warning people that they will dive bomb

Turkey on Manly beach

Open space and parks in Sydney

Not sure what this bird is called but it was very noisy

No bigger than a tea cup on the beach


Coast Road from Sydney to Melbourne

Shrub on the beach

Phillip Island Penguin homes

A Galah


Unable to identify the mushrooms, but they were big and lots of them


Look at his little hands holding on

Rear end view

Front view

Cultivated plants at a farmstead 

Sea bird

1st live kangaroo


We visited a lot of waterfalls

Didn't spot any whales but we were informed some had been in the bays


Oyster Catchers

Greenery on the rocks

Walking through the bush

Open fields with kangaroos in the distance

Bird of prey, possible an eagle

No dogs, no picking flowers. But No Cats? Apparently people travel with their pets both cats and dogs

Emu at a wildlife park

Long necked turtle

Purple Swamphen

Brightly coloured parrots in the wild

Well camouflaged



Daffodils in the Botanical Gardens in Melbourne

Melbourne Botanical Gardens

Kanga and Roo

And finally a Fairy Penguin, hiding under the rocks on St Kilda Beach


  1. I'm loving all your images and you are looking fab! Australia looks like such a fab destination, hope you enjoyed your time there! I am chuckling at the Bin Chicken - awww poor Ibis! Sim x #PoCoLo

    1. Thank you, Australia was amazing. The bin chickens are Ibis and they were so scruffy compared to ones I've seen in other countries

  2. You have captured amazing birds nature pictures lovely!

  3. Wow, such a vast array of birdlife. Australia always amazes me as their wildlife is so very different. The penguin houses though, they look a bit like a shanty town :) Thanks for sharing with #TheGardenYear

    1. I was surprised that Iris were treated as pests and turkeys freely wander the beaches