Wednesday 28 August 2019

A week in Melbourne

My last week in Australia was spent in Melbourne, there's so much to do here, but we just touched on the main tourist attractions, as well as getting some rest after spending 2 weeks on the road.

We stayed in an apartment overlooking the docklands which was in the free tram zone area making it easy to get around. It also wasn't far to walk, but it was winter and exceptionally cold during my visit, windy and a lot of rain.

Street entertainment

China Town

Tram stop

One of many shopping arcades

Lots of restaurants to chose from but make sure you book


Day 2
Just over an hours drive south of Melbourne and a visit to the Moonlit Sanctuary Wildlife Conservation Park to pet Victor the 3 year old Koala and feed the wallabies and kangaroos.

Day 3 St Kilda Beach
View of Melbourne

We found a penguin hidden under the rocks.

Day 4 I've watched Neighbours since it started in 1985 so I drove out to Pin Oak Court for a visit. The street is much shorter and narrower than it looks on the TV. They only film on location once a week, the rest is done in studios. It was a 20 min drive from the City.

In the afternoon we explored melbourne's street art

Finishing with a visit to the Winter Night Market.

Day 5 A day on my own as Jamie (child 3) had been out and about in the evenings with friends of his. I took the tram to the far end of the city and took a 20 min walk out to the Botanical Gardens, then back along the river to the sea life centre. We finished the trip with a meal out in the evening.


  1. Fantastic photos! It looks like you stayed in such a fab location.
    It must have been great to visit the animal sanctuary.
    Ramsay Street really does look narrower in real life.
    It looks like a great trip! x

    1. it really was a wonderful trip and I couldn't go without a visit to Ramsey Street

  2. Hi Suzanne, it looks like you had a fantastic time getting out and exploring around Melbourne... Okay, so the wallaby was a little large to steal, but did you ate least smuggle Victor out? He looks adorable, but I've read that koalas can be quite nasty. And is that a baby wallaby's foot sticking out the wallaby's pouch? Or are my eyes playing up again? I hope the duck got a nibble too? I never got into Neighbours, but how fun it must be to visit a soap set and compare it to what you see on telly!


    1. it was indeed a roo in the mums pouch. Victor the koala was great, he was entertained with food

  3. Melbourne looks incredible - and I love the little penguin hiding out, how adorable! I'm definitely adding this city to my bucket list!

    1. I need a repeat trip for sure, so much more to see and do

  4. Looks great I think Melbourne is one of those underrated places, but one people go back for. Thanks for sharing with #PoCoLo

    1. I found more things in Melbourne than Sydney that were to my preference