Friday 6 September 2019

Accommodation in Australia

I spent 3 weeks in Australia visiting my son who has lived out here for 2 years. I stayed for 4 nights in Sydney before our road trip to Melbourne, staying for 6 nights with just a nights stay in various places on route.

We used, air b&b as well as googling places and just stopping asking for a room for the night.

Prices varied greatly, but the quality was similar, very clean and tidy and all well equipped. We paid on average $150 AUD per night

Most places charged a deposit, which we had back each time, cleaning and booking fees were clearly listed. 

All accommodation was paid in full in advance or on arrival, only one place asked us to leave cash under the DVD player.

View from the Travelodge in Sydney

Jervis Bay Holiday Park

Eden Motel

Phillip Island. Waves Apartments, Cowes. The first place that came with a bath instead of just a shower. We stayed for 2 nights.

Lorne Hotel

Warrnambool. A whole house to ourselves for the night

Lake Fyans Holiday Park

Melbourne. 888 Collins Street, Victoria Harbour.

If you were back packing there was no need to worry about carrying heavy toiletries as they were provided in every location along with towels.

Most places had laundry facilities, either in the apartment or on the complex

More than just the basics provided making it easy for you to cook

Washing up and putting bins out was a requirement 

Felt odd leaving cash in the apartment 

Arrangements for check out was to leave the key in the room and close the door behind you. Leaving this apartment in Melbourne, meant I had to take my bag to the car, exit the car park, park and return to the room to leave the key as the fob was required for exiting the parking.

Some of these links aren't active yet, I'll let you know when they go live.


  1. What a fabulous set of accommodation you stayed in! Liking the look of the Lorne Hotel! I hope you had a fantastic time and your son is settled in over there. Would love to visit Australia one day! Sim x PoCoLo

    1. I think the Jervis Bay holiday Park was my favourite, the location over looking the bay was great

  2. I loved seeing your accommodations. I often forget to check out airb&b and just search for hotels. It is so nice to have a house to relax in. I don't like hanging out in hotel rooms.

    1. I've only used air b&b when it's been booked on my behalf