Monday 18 November 2019

Repatriation Part 3 - Transfer of Residence

A couple of weeks ago I acquired all the paperwork needed for Operation Relocation and my Transfer of Residence ToR and started the job of filling it all in.

I need a ToR to apply for approval to transfer my normal place of residence including animals which allows me to import goods into the UK and not pay import duties and charges.

I qualify to complete a Tor if I meet the following conditions:

  • have lived outside the EU for 12 consecutive months
  • have used and had possession of goods for at least 6 consecutive months
  • have used the goods and are going to continue using them in the new place of residence in the UK for at least the next 12 months
  • be importing the goods within 12 months of coming to live in the UK
  • not lend out, pledge, give away, hire out or transfer the goods within the first 12 months after the date on which they were imported
I need to also provide the following documentation:

  • black and white copy of the photo page from my passport
  • a signed list of goods I wish to import
  • proof of residency in the country I'm transferring from, with name and address of residency
  • evidence of my right and intention to move to the UK. Contract of employment, purchase or rental agreement

In the meantime I've been to Dubai Islamic Bank to ensure my address reads as the Villa and not the PO Box number and obtained a statement to prove I've been living outside the UK/EU for the past 12 months. I will add a copy of my current visa. I'm not sure what paperwork I can provide for moving back to the UK. The family home was purchased in 2002 and is in Peter's name, not mine or joint and I won't be working.

I have to wait until I'm in the UK to obtain proof of residency there by setting up the council tax and utilities, which I can then add to the HMRC form to avoid paying tax/duty on the pets and our container.

I have to provide an itemised list of all our belongings and their replacement cost in the UK for insurance purposes. I kept the records from our first move to South Africa and then onto Dubai, some things we no longer own so they'll come off and new items will be added.

Not all our furniture is returning to the UK on this trip. Peter will need to furnish an apartment in Dubai for the next 2-3 years until he retires and as I will be splitting my time between the 2 countries it will be nice to create 2 proper homes rather than feeling like we're only half living in each place.

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  1. Oh heck, this sounds like an operation relocation and a half! I seriously do not envy you - however super handy that you have kept a track of everything in a list to make filling the forms out easier! Hope you are managing to crack on with it all! Sim x #PoCoLo

    1. It sounds complicated but once you get started it's quite straight forward and all the info is given to you as you go when using a firm, I'd hate to do this all by myself

  2. Ugh! All the paperwork and hoops to jump through. It sounds like you are so organized, though. Good luck with the move!

  3. Oh my goodness, this sounds so complicated! It sounds like you've got plenty on your plate with it all - I hope it goes well! #pocolo

    1. Once you know what you're doing it's quite straight forward

  4. Good luck - look forward to seeing how it all goes - successfully I hope! #PoCoLo