Saturday, 9 November 2019

One Daily Positive - Week 45 Combating loneliness

Every time I think about the upcoming relocation, I get stressed out, so much to do, but apart from the paperwork and deciding on which relocation company we'll use, there's nothing that can be done until a week or so before the actual move.

I am decluttering, have some jobs lined up such as sorting through photo's and transferring old family videos. All the paperwork is up to date, the garden has been prepared for winter, all flights/trips booked and the week started with no house work to be done either.

I'm determined to enjoy the rest of the time we have living abroad, as I've spent the past 9 years waiting for the next move, next visitor, next trip away and not getting on with anything. The next 18 months are still uncertain for me, I'll be travelling between the UK and Dubai and renovating our UK home in preparation for Peter's retirement up to 3 years away.

I haven't been sleeping since Peter came home, but he's away again for 10 days. Every time I get into a routine with sleep, exercise, diet, it gets interrupted by Peter's job. despite living with constant change, it takes me a while to adapt to it. I fall asleep around 9pm and I wake around 3am, then I'm fighting sleep all afternoon, who cares when I sleep? so I often go back to bed around 2pm for an hour or two.

307 Sunday Was awake most of the night with a strange sensation in my bladder, pain in my left hip, my right eye was sore and my left jaw was aching. So got up at 4am and did the ironing and some blogging. Peter popped into work for a few hours and I went to the mall.

The only time I can use video calls is when Peter is at home using the company video conferencing. However when he's away it makes for a very long and lonley time cut off from all my family and friends other than the typed/written word.

308 Monday Dropped Peter at the train for his trip to South Africa, he's back on the 15th. Relocation company came to do a quote. Can't remember what else I did today.

309 Tuesday Went out to the Mall to do a bit of shopping and then off to the dog park with Bob and to meet a friend, unfortunately her dog is over friendly and Bob gets frightened when he feels cornered so I ended up separating them and leaving earlier. Sorted out the toiletries in the bathrooms and had a lazy evening. Decided to sleep in the spare room to see if a change of bed helps with my neck pain.

310 Wednesday Woke with a stiff back at 3.45am, made tea and drifted back to sleep till 7am. Had coffee on the way to the Doctors, then down to Kite Beach to see the flag display from Flag day which commemorates the ascension of Sheikh Khalifa as President of the UAE. Off to the pub quiz in the evening.

311 Thursday Another relocation quote and then I took myself off to Dubai Mall to go iceskating, it's been over 30 years since I've been on the ice and I stayed on my feet for 45 mins and loved it, will be going back next week. Cooked myself a roast dinner.

312 Friday Walked Bob, did some washing and changed the beds and hit the beach at 8.30am for 2 hours, lots of swimming and started a new book. The rest of the day, like yesterday was spent filling time, I tided the garden and swept sand, brought all the cushions in as rain is forecast, walked Bob again, read some more of my book. Had a bath at 7pm and watched youtube and went to bed at 8pm.

313 Saturday I slept till 6am, repotted house plants, back to bed with my breakfast and catching up with soaps, did some blogging, dressed, walked Bob and headed off to the Marina at 9am to meet a friend for coffee. Had a walk along the beach front and took some more photos for my construction photography project. Afternoon spent pottering around and some ironing then off out to Jumeriah Golf Estates for a Marshall event meeting ready for the Race to Dubai starting in 10 days.

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  1. Can only imagine how stressful it must be in regards to relocation! So much to do and think about.

    I have only been ice skating once in my life and end up falling alot! The flag day looks interesting

    1. I didn't venture out on flag day itself, just too busy for me. The relocation stuff is just about organised, not much else i can do now till nearer the time

  2. We have lived in our current house for over 30 years. We are now talking about downsizing, but I am dreading the day we move. I can't even imagine the headaches involved in your international move!

    I often feel better after an afternoon nap too!

    1. the move is much more smooth with already having a property to move straight into

  3. It must be very lonely - especially when you can't even do video calls except when Peter is around. Am very impressed that you managed to stay upright on the ice for 45 minutes when you haven't skated for so many years! Sorry to hear you've been in a lot of pain lately. It must be miserable being unable to sleep after 3am. I hope you find a relocation company you are happy with and can enjoy your last few weeks in Dubai.

    1. Relocation company all decided, just got to let them know and fill in a mountain of paperwork

  4. It must be so hard to move such a great distance. We only moved 150 odd miles and that was bad enough. I hope you manage not to stress too much before the move.
    I'm glad you get to do the video calls when Peter is home. It must be so isolating for you when he is away.
    Those flags look so impressive.
    Ice skating is one thing I never thought would happen in Dubai! How cool! x

    1. I think the ice rink in Dubai is of course the world's largest indoor rink lol. The move isn't that bad compared to previous ones where HR and visas were involved

  5. Love ice skating but haven't been for ages. Must take N this winter somewhere. Feels a bit weird thinking of ice skating happening in a hot country lol. Hope your sleep improves

    1. I love visiting the indoor snow dome when it's really hot to cool down lol

  6. Moving from one country to another is very stressful. We had an international move twice (to the States and back to the UK), and I definitely wouldn't want to do it ever again.
    Glad you enjoyed the skating. I loved it as a child, but haven't done any as a grown-up.