Saturday, 9 November 2019

Coffee shop Christmas disposable cups - why i don't use them

Yes I love Christmas and all things Christmas related and I love coffee shops. But what I don't love is the disposable cups designed for takeaway drinks.

I use my own coffee cup for take aways, regardless of the coffee shop I use.

Most chains have a Christmas reusable cup out now, but I don't need to buy a new one, the one I have is perfectly adequate.

I have an issue with coffee shops in Dubai regardless of the chain. Every time I request a coffee to drink in, they automatically reach for a disposable cup.

This was obviously drunk here by a previous customer.

I've learnt to place my order as follows (size) (type of drink) and automatically add 'in a ceramic mug and don't warm it'

In the UK I always get asked 'to drink in or take away' but Dubai doesn't work like that. I think it saves on the staff having to wash up as it's easier to scoop disposable cups up and put them in the bin.

I stop regularly at the local petrol station for a latte, using my own cup. I often pick up a banana at the same time.

Whilst I ordered my coffee, asked for a banana, went to the counter and paid, then back to collect my coffee, this had happened.

Not only was my banana in a plastic bag, it was then placed in a plastic bag.

Sometimes I just give up.........


  1. I have never understood why bananas are put in plastic wrappers when they have their own natural wrapping, but to actually place it in a plastic wrapped upon purchase is very strange! :D

    1. it is very weird indeed, even seen oranges wrapped for which there is no reason either

  2. aw that's shocking really. Apparently in Ireland a latte levy is about to be introduced (being discussed at least), which is a good thing I wish was replicated in other countries. The amount of waste from something like this is simply crazy... #goinggreen

    1. In the UK there is a small reduction for using your own cup

  3. Why would they put the banana in a plastic bag. It is such a waste.

    1. then in another plastic bag is beyond me also