Friday 12 February 2021

12th - 14th February 2021 Post Comment Love

Happy Valentine's Day, even if you are on your own. I forgot to leave a card and gift for my husband this year. Where ever I am in the world I always try to make sure that gifts and cards for family and friends is dropped off in time, often left with them 3-4 months early. Especially Christmas. I left everything for Christmas with Mums side of the family with my niece, she also had birthday cards, covering events from November through to February. 

In previous years if I've been on my own, I've taken Bob the Dog out for the day. It's also the day we celebrate his Birthday, he'll be 11 this year. There will be a drive though McDonalds for him on Sunday and the cat will get her share as she loves the fries.

Have I missed Jif Lemon Day? We don't get the adverts abroad so would always remember it after seeing everyone else's tweets.

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