Friday 19 February 2021

19th - 21st February 2021 - Post Comment Love

This time last year I was in the UK getting ready to move back here full time when my husband retires next year. The cat and dog arrived the end of January, the house had been reclaimed from tenants in November 2019 and most of the repair work had been done. 

The plan was to return to Dubai month on month. I got back in March last year, but it was touch and go whether I got back, since then I've been back out to Dubai twice and hopefully I'll be able to get back out end March/April so I can close bank accounts, finish the tenancy, sell a car, the garden, close utilities down and arrange the rest of our belongings to come back. 

There aren't any direct flights available at the moment, child 4 and his wife is taking the dog and I need to find a cattery for the cat for a few months, it won't be happy. 

Everything with me has to be 'last minute' I'm not sure I'll ever have any normality in my life.

Time now to join up with Stephanie and I for this weeks #PoCoLo

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