Friday 27 May 2022

Post Comment Love 27th - 29th May 2022 How to thread an overlocker

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I've been busy making party decorations, gardening and trying to book a last minute holiday somewhere.

The cost and availability of flights are sparse and expensive, so we may be off somewhere in the UK this weekend or we may end up staying at home. Either way I'm sure we'll have fun. It'll be nice just to have some time off work.

I've had a bit of a nightmare trying to thread my over locker that has been in for a service. I followed the instructions but the threads kept taking it in turn to pop out the needle. After watching numerous youtube videos, I discovered my error. You thread the upper looper first. Then thread the lower looper and make sure that the lower looper thread sits over the upper looper thread.

Still following?

Then thread the two needles, but there's another step that took me ages to find.

Once everything is threaded take the 4 threads and move them to the left, under the foot. All the videos showed everything being threaded towards the back of the machine.

Finally once I'd discovered the last step everything went very well and I made all my bunting and table cloths in one evening.

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  1. I tried to book a hotel in London for this weekend and the prices are through the roof due to the Jubilee. Well done on making the bunting! xx

    1. I think everyone is taking the mick with holiday pricing these days

  2. I just tried to book a last minute overnight trip for this weekend as well and the hotel prices were ridiculous. I don't know who would even pay that amount of money for one night in a tiny room! Congratulations on getting all of your tablecloths and bunting done in one night. That's serious talent!