Saturday, 3 September 2022

Week 35 - One Daily Positive and Project 365

Sad to say my goodbyes to child 3 and his girlfriend. Arrived home to a clean and tidy house courtesy of my friend and neighbours who have been looking after the dog and cat between them for the past 3 weeks. I'm now cat sitting for the neighbour until Saturday. 

I'm getting really annoyed with poor service in the UK. I had a hospital appointment cancelled with no notification, when I phoned to enquire I was told 'I'm so busy, I don't know what/how that happened' no apology, no offer to rebook. Then I booked a 2 hour sit and wait spot for my car to be serviced, which ran on an extra 45 mins and I left without the valet. Again, no apology, just excuses for how busy they are.

And as for hygiene and cleaning in coffee shops, I may have to abondon them altogether. in Australia I observed on many occasions, tables being wiped with the same cloth, no spray used, just swiping crumbs to the floor and transferring dirt. Something that happens too often in the UK, toilets are filthy and often when you go in at opening times, the floors haven't been swept from the night before. I've made a couple of complaints to head office, have been given a voucher for a free coffee and told they will get the area manager to talk to the staff. NO. You provide the area manager with the correct head count and let them employ more staff. These are large global chains making big profits. The staff numbers are reduced and they are doing the job of two people and often on minimum wage, it's not their fault or responsibility. 

238 Saturday Last full day in Australia. It poured down with rain all day but that didn't deter us from visiting the Blue Mountains, although it was extremely misty and we couldn't see anything on the cable car trip.

239 Sunday A leisurely day, packing, a walk, coffee and lunch out and off to the airport at 6pm. 14 hour flight to Dubai, I got some sleep, read most of my book, had a couple of G&Ts and watched random stuff


240 Monday A two hour stop over in Dubai, which was cut short after a medical emergency on our flight. A 7 hour flight to Heathrow, landed at 12.25pm bags came straight out and I was on the first train to Paddington and a two hour direct train, home at 4.30pm collected by my friend from the station. Opened the post, made dinner, unpacked and into bed at 10pm hoping to fall back into a normal routine. Technically it was 7am Australian time, but with a night flight the first part of the journey to Dubai then a breakfast flight this morning and lots of cat naps, I'm hoping I've cracked this. On arrival in Australia it took us around 5 days to fall into a proper sleep pattern.

241 Tuesday Woke at midnight, back to sleep 1-3am then wide awake. Did the washing and ironing, sorted the gifts out, did a food shop, mowed the lawns and the neighbours, cooked dinner, wrote some letters, walked the dog, bath and bed.

242 Wednesday No sleep last night other than 2 hours between 1-3am. Tidied up the lounge and sorted some paperwork. Off to Kidderminster to the eye hospital which I found out had been cancelled before I went away, I should’ve received a letter. Lay down for a few minutes which turned into 3 hours sleep, had a late dinner, bath and bed. 

The plants are starting to revive with a bit of water.

243 Thursday 2 hours sleep max, got up at 6am. Car serviced am and I wandered around the local retail park. Home via 2 new tyres, walked the dog, had lunch and tidied my craft room and cleaned round the neighbours house after cleaning out the cats litter tray. Booked a trip to Belfast for Grandsons 1st birthday in November, paid the final council tax bill for the flat. 

244 Friday I had a 7 hour solid block of sleep. Off to Gloucester to visit child 1 for the morning, then met mum in town for lunch, she came up on the bus. The evening was spent with my friend for chips and wine.

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  1. That's a pain about the jet lag/sleeplessness. I've only done 2 long haul flights and did ok with them, but that was a while ago, I think I'd probably struggle more now. I know what you mean about customer service. Sometimes (more often than not) it's not great. Although I have to say my dealership was very good this week given I totally forgot to take my car in, and they still fitted me in with no issues.

    1. It took me a week to adapt to the time, glad you got your car sorted

  2. Ugh! Customer service does seem to be getting worse. It's very frustrating. We're all busy, hence the reason we want things done properly. They're paid to do a job so should do it!
    Oh wow! That was a misty cable car ride.
    It sounds like it's took some effort to shake the jet lag. x

    1. They just don't seem to have enough staff anywhere

  3. Aww, the picture of the dog and the cat sleeping together, it's so beautiful.
    I agree with you on the big chains, it is noticeable they are doing less. This is why I usually go to small independent cafes. I have 2 favourite cafes, both vegan, that offer beetroot lattes and stuff like that, besides regular coffee. The chains are not cleaning properly and are charging ~more for this less than ideal service.

    1. I've found a couple of local coffee shops have even less staff and don't seem to like just doing a coffee without food

  4. I am getting frustrated with the service too. My dad has had numerous appointments cancelled with no explanation. Gets another letter through with a new appointment date and then soon after that gets cancelled too! So frustrating!

    Lovely sunflower!

    1. then when you complain or ask for an explanation you get made to feel as if you're the problem

  5. What a beautiful photo of Dubai out of the plane window. Like you I am frustrated with the look of shops and restaurants at the moment. Obviously I work in retail and it isn't the staff's fault, they want us to run on a skeleton crew and still keep up service,,,,,,,,it just doesn't work. I don't think I have done my own job for more than a couple of hours over the whole summer!

  6. Hope you’ve now managed to settle back into a normal sleep pattern after coming home from Australia. Customer service does seem to be becoming worse. Sorry that your hospital appointment got cancelled and hope you managed to reschedule it. Lovely photo of your dog and cat and that sunflower is gorgeous. #project365

  7. You start off with the frustrations yet your pictures are stunning and focus on the positives. The animals are definitely chilled! they must be glad you are back! #project365