Thursday 15 September 2022

Getting a coffee around the world.

In the UK all coffees are standardised, regardless of whether it's from a chain or an independent cafe. Trust me, I know. I drink a lot of coffee, my favourite being a latte. That's a single shot of espresso for me and filled with steamed milk. Hubby prefers a cappuccino which is a shot of espresso, then equal amounts of milk and froth.

Every coffee shop does vary with the way they take the order, the stupid names for cup sizes and almost all not understanding that 'regular' means the 'middle sized cup'.i

You'd think that ordering a latte and a cappuccino would be an easy thing. You'd think it would be a standard drink and the only thing you need to think about would be the size, whether it was a take away or drink in order and the size of the cup/mug.....but you'd be wrong.

In South Africa when you order a cappuccino you get asked 'do you want cream or foam' It's foam, always foam. And then randomly when you order a latte they will add a shot of honey or cinnamon powder and automatically put chocolate sprinkles on the cappuccino.

In Dubai it's completely pot luck if you get what you think you ordered. But you have to agree the views are nice, even if you are sat by the side of a road.

In Canada every drink comes with chocolate sprinkles.

In America when I've asked for a latte, its been served iced, unless I've asked for a hot one. One I asked for a 'hot latte' in other countries, they've looked at me as if that's the only way it's served.

In Australia you have to ask for the sugar when you place the order or you get told off if you ask for sugar after they've made your coffee.

Almost every barista greets you with 'can I help?'

So I reply with '1 large latte and a small cappuccino to take away, no chocolate on top'

Which is followed with and this bit annoys me everywhere:

Them: Which drink would you like? Me: 1 large latte and a small cappuccino to take away, no chocolate on top

Them: What size? Me: (I've said twice) Large

Them: Drink in/take away? (sighs) Take away

(repeats process for 2nd drink, says 3 times 'NO CHOCOLATE'


Them: Goes to scrap chocolate off

Me: Please remake drink

Them: Huffs

Me: .....

Except for Starbucks, they greet you by asking your name, except they don't say ' Can I get your name?' they just state NAME, then spell and pronounce it wrong regardless.


  1. This makes me ever so glad I take mine black and hot. 😁

  2. I drink a lot of coffee but its usually at home and very simple. Whatever brand is on sale with a splash of french vanilla creamer and I'm good. Sounds like that is saving me a lot of aggravation! #pocolo

    1. I've bought myself a milk brother so I can get it just how I like it

  3. I also take my coffee black and strong but still asked if I'd like milk on the side??!! #pocolo

    1. I've been asked if I want milk with a latte :-)

  4. I always get so stressed ordering coffee, there are too many choices. I just want a regular hot latte. My eldest and I always have fun in Starbucks giving them random names. If I am in the queue before her I will say my name is Becky, it really annoys her and she feels daft saying her name is Becky too so has to come up with a new name. lol

  5. I'm not much of a coffee drinker, but ordering tea when abroad is a whole other thing! (so generally I don't!) #PoCoLo