Sunday 18 September 2022

Week 37 - One Daily Positive and Project 365 - Peter is home

I take the dog for a walk daily, either in the morning to run off lead in the park or around the streets in the evening. For some reason he seems to think he will go out twice a day, not something we've ever done with him. When I'm at home he's stuck to me like glue, climbing barriers to get upstairs and for the first time ever pushing his way through doors to get to me. Peter is home Friday so I'm hoping the dog will settle. He was like this all the way through covid also.

I've not been eating properly since last week as I come home from work and stick the TV on, fixated with the news about the Queen and following hers and King Charles' every routine. I am a Royalist, but not fanatical about them. So many times as I witness events I'm reminded of my Grandmother, Father and randomly other family members and friends who have died over the years.

I've been taking myself off to bed around 9pm and falling asleep within minutes and waking naturally around 6am.

252 Saturday Having watched the Kings official appointment, I caught the train into Worcester to visit the Cathedral and sign the book of condolence. I did some shopping and came home to wrap Birthday and Christmas presents for the out laws over in Northern Ireland, that child 4 is collecting next weekend. 

253 Sunday Down the retail park to buy cat food, I'm completely out and the cat went mad at me this morning. Afternoon spent batch cooking and finishing off the loft rooms.

254 Monday Swimming before work, it was really quiet and I managed 30 lengths without stopping. Came home to cook dinner and watch the TV. I switched from news of the Queen to watch the soaps as I'm overloaded at the moment with the news. Poor Bob just can't seem to settle, he got over the barrier but couldn't get back down.

255 Tuesday A standard day at work, I was going to mow the lawns when I got home but did a food shop and sat fixated to the TV as the Queen arrived back in London.

256 Wednesday I went swimming in the morning before work. Hair dressers in the afternoon, Evening spent in front of the TV.

257 Thursday I haven't been cycling to work, always worried I'll fall off my bike and with Peter away there would be no one to help me out, so taking the car instead. Evening spent hoovering, dusting, tidying  and watching TV after stopping off at the nail bar on the way home. Onions cells viewed through a microscope.

258 Friday After work I visited the nail bar then home to let the dog out and feed him and the cat, followed by a long drive to Gatwick to collect Peter after his week in Dubai. Getting home at just after midnight.

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  1. It sounds like Bob the dog has missed you while you were away. Bless him.
    You are very organised with the presents and well done with the swimming. To soaps have been a welcome relief from the overload of news. x

  2. I haven't started thinking about Christmas yet - have my birthday and others to worry about first. But makes sense having them ready rather than posting them all. I've been watching a lot of the funaeral and build up too. I find it fascinating all the history.

    1. I haven't done any more towards Christmas, just the stuff that needed posting

  3. I found the news all got a bit too much, luckily we have amazon and netflix, so could get away from it for a bit. Hope the dog settles now your husband is home

  4. I was avidly watching all the royal events as they unfolded. It was history developing in front of our eyes, fascinating. #project365

    1. it has been almost impossible to turn it off

  5. I didn't watch much of the coverage over the Queen's death and the King's accession although caught bits here and there on my phone. Bob looks very hopefully sitting in front of that yummy-looking roast dinner. Sorry to hear that he’s been unsettled – hope he settles down soon. Glad Peter is home again now. #project365

    1. Bob has settled won now nicely that Peter is back