Monday 12 June 2023

Feeling positive, calm and organised

It's been a long time since I've felt settled, since I've felt I've had any control over my life in regards to working and where I live.

Having started a family aged 21 and working 3 jobs as a single mum of 3 at aged 28. Then meeting my husband and going from 3 kids to 5 over night, with a husband who worked away and then moving abroad for 11 years, I've never really felt like I've been in charge of my life.

That all changed 2 years ago when we returned to the UK full time, to our former family home. We did consider moving, but we love the town, the neighbours, the proximity to the Malvern Hills, the open common land and easy and quick access to local cities and within an hour and 30 minutes drive of our family.

I have returned to work without fear of having to leave due to moving and have opted to work as a Teaching Assistant going in at 8.30am and coming home at 3pm with all the school holidays off and no additional work to be done outside of school hours.

We had a new kitchen last year and a ground floor extension this year and Peter is working his way through the house turning in from family home into our home, suited to fit our needs as we grow older.

Prior to leaving the UK, we'd lived in this house for 8 years, the longest I've ever lived in one house, let alone one place. I lived in four homes in different parts of the UK by the time I was 11. Then leaving home at 17 I lived in various places until I married the first time for 6 years before meeting Peter then living between 2 homes for 2 years before moving where we are now. Followed by 4 homes and lots of temporary accommodation in South Africa and Dubai for 11 years. A total of 13 homes in almost 52 years.

We've still got a lot of work to do in the house with decorating, new bathrooms etc, but for now we have the house in full use and there is nothing out of place. There have been several trips to charity shops, we've still got a lot of stuff we don't actually use, but we have the space to store it for when we need it, such as towels and bedding, but it seems a waste to get rid of it, when one done we'll need to be buying new again to replace items.

We're focusing on the garden for now, taking the old shed down and repurposing the wood for raised flower beds, but the outside table and chairs are set up and in full use, along with the chair pod and it's been lovely to come home from work and just sit outside with a cup of tea and not have to set everything up.

It' the same in the house, I can come home from work, drop my bag and after drinking my tea, I can do some gardening, or housework or spend time in my craft room knowing that I'm not clogging up the dining room or the kitchen so when I want to cook dinner or just sit and watch TV, I can do so in a clean and tidy environment.

It's made such a difference to my Positive Mental Attitude, I'm happy to be at home, I'm finding it easier to just pop out with Peter and not have to worry about the house and having to come home to do work on it.


  1. I am glad you are feeling settled and positive about things. It sounds like you live in the perfect area for you and the job is working well for you. x

  2. I'm glad you are feeling settled. I lived in the same home for 24 years and it was a wrench having to leave but I needed a bigger home. I'm happy with the house but I'm not so keen on the neighbourhood. We've been here 10 years now. I guess I don't move around much. I'm still only 5 miles away from where I was born and have never moved further than that. As a child we moved to another house in the same street! It's nice to have somewhere that feels like home though. I hope you have many more happy years there.

    1. thank you, I'm hoping we can stay here for a long time