Monday 5 June 2023

Week 22 One Daily Positive and Project 365

What a week, we were exhausted by the end of our grandsons visit, but loved every minute of it. I've really been struggling with getting a full lungful of air and have had horrendous shoulder pain when I've coughed. Phoned the GP and was told I could see someone on Monday next week. I still don't know if I'm to continue my medication or not, so I've carried on.

I have managed to do a fair bit of reading this week in-between grandchild napping and them going out.

149 Sunday Child 4 and family headed out for the day to visit family. SIL came to collect our gas cooker we no longer need and to take MIL home. We walked Bob to the coffee shop. We did some jobs around the house and in the garden.

150 Monday Peter and I took grandson for a walk and visit to the coffee shop. We dropped DIL at airport as she has work tomorrow, then home for an afternoon and evening play in the garden.

151 Tuesday Child 4 and grandson headed off to Worcester, dropping me in town on route. Off to the park in the afternoon, both absolutely exhausted but loving every minute of grandsons stay.

152 Wednesday Last trip to the park, play, nap, lunch then they were off. We had a quick hoover round and went for a food shop, fixed the sofa in the afternoon, strut fell out. Then evening in front of TV and an early night.

153 Thursday Washing on and some tidying before headed out to Gloucester to visit child 1 with DIL and grandchild for coffee and a wander round the shops. Home to blog, read and watch TV.

Grandhild has to be chopped out of photos, which is a real shame.

154 Friday Took Peter to the airport for 9am for his flight to Turkey. Home via Dunelm to buy some curtains for the lounge then afternoon visit to Death Cafe then dropped gifts with friend for her birthday. Chips in the garden with my friend.

Stopped at Hopwood Services on my way back to Worcester.

155 Saturday Enjoyed a lie in. Dinner prepped and in slow cooker. Friend arrived early morning and we headed up the Malvern Hills with Bob. We walked up the North Hill and the Beacon. We walked 6 miles and were out 4 hours. Sat in the garden all afternoon, had dinner, then sat and watched TV quiz shows.

Chrissie is the first person I met as an online friend back in 2009. You may know her as Mediocre_mum on twitter.

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  1. It sounds like you have had a really fun week, well apart from your health problems. Your grandson is just adorable. x

  2. Sorry to hear about the shoulder pain. Sounds like a busy week with the grandchildren. I need to take Minu to a coffee shop!

    1. we always visit coffee shops with the grandchildren

  3. I hope you will feel better soon. It's good that you found a GP appointment so fast. I'm looking now at the post on the books for June.

  4. Ah, haven't seen Chrissie for years, hope you had fun. She taught me to make waffles and the kids still love them now

    1. Chrissie and I always have a fab time when we do manage to get together

  5. Lovely pics of family and friends! Hope the breathing has eased. #project365

  6. Gorgeous photos of your grandson enjoying his visit with you. Hope you are feeling better and have recovered a bit from the visit! How lovely to have a visit from your friend. #project365

    1. time goes too fast when we do get to see our grandson