Monday 26 June 2023

Week 25 of Project 365 and One Daily Positive 2023

I'm fed up of all these medical appointments. This week was a routine mammogram and I had made a GP appointment (not blood related) to check out a 2 month swelling on the back of my achilles, it's tendentious and nothing to be done as I'd already tried strapping it and am doing the right type of exercises. It's worse when rested so I'll just carry on.

The haematologist phoned early on Wednesday. I was supposed to be doing some online training at the time of the call so swopped with a colleague that involved the school trainer contacting the online trainer. I  arranged cover for my 1:1 tutoring session and cover for another student I was supposed to be meeting with. The haematologist phoned 30 minutes early, but we left the plans as they were and I found myself available to pick up one of my mentees for an observation.

My folate and platelets are too high, so no more folic acid, but I can't do anything about the platelet count, that's out of my control. Every time they get one level right another drops out or shoots up. I'm starting to suspect someone in the lab is playing a prank on me.

170 Sunday We took mum into Worcester for coffee and a walk round, picked up some salad and a chicken for an early dinner which was eaten in the garden.

Looking pretty in Worcester.

171 Monday Peter took mum home and then called into see our grandchild. I had a couple of hours at home alone. Peter did ribs on the BBQ for dinner which we had with salad.I got ready for swimming, convinced it was Tuesday to discover no lane swimming till 9pm. I'd already showered prior to going poolside so washed my hair and came home.

Weeded the front border.

172 Tuesday walked home from work via the Youth club to drop off DBS check, the library to return a book then meet hubby for coffee. I drove home and he walked the dog back.

Bob is shattered.

173 Wednesday  Haematologist phone call came in 30 mins early, I then did some online training before supporting the Year 6 on their transition day. I was absolutely exhausted and didn't move off the sofa from 3.30pm till I went to bed at 9pm.

174 Thursday A quiet day in work followed by a mammogram. I then went for a coffee and read my book for an hour before my GP appointment. The haematologist phoned back requesting some more blood tests.  They have to be done on a Monday and I'm waiting for a form in the post to give the nurse with the instructions for the test which involves the blood being submitted in a green tube. Evening spent in front of the TV, some blogging a mad half hour of tidying things before bed.

I've got 4 books on the go.

175 Friday A long day in work and slightly bored. Lift home, watched TV, then friend round for the evening. I picked the neighbour up from work at midnight, then bed.

Flowers from child 4, his wife and grandson.

176 Saturday Had my nails done at 9am, Peter walked down the retail park with Bob and we had coffee. home to put up curtain rails and hang new curtains in the loft rooms. I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day.

This came in the post today from the hospital. Another blood test.

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  1. On no to all the tests and calls. Nightmare. That's some heavy reading with 3 of those. I can't read more than one book at a time now, but as a child I used to have several on the go

    1. I've switched to some lighter reading for the holidays

  2. Ugh! No wonder you are fed up with all of your health problems. Everything sounds so frustrating. Sending love and hugs. It sounds like a busy week. x

  3. I can imagine all the different medical appointments must get tiresome as do the blood results with one level getting right only for something else to be out. Hope all went well with your mammogram. That’s a nice selection of books on the go. What lovely flowers from child 4. #project365

    1. all clear with the mammogram, one less thing to worry about

  4. Sorry to hear that you are needing so many appointments with no end in sight :( lovely flowers! How do you keep track of 4 books at once?! #project365

    1. I do tend to reread the previous chapter before I settle back into the book

  5. I am so sorry that your blood tests are all over the place, I think you're right that someone is playing pranks on you!! The balloons are very pretty in the shopping centre