Sunday 11 June 2023

Week 23 One Daily Positive and Project 365 2023

I've just realised I'm in my 14th year of blogging. Wow, I never thought I'd go this long still having nothing to say and no idea when I started out dressed as a Dalek for Fancy Dress Friday #FDF that life would take us overseas and we'd have two lovely grandchildren as well as a cat and a dog.

I'm really enjoying this weather, it reminds me of living in South Africa, doors open, eating outside and the washing drying within a couple of hours.

156 Sunday My friend left early as she had a long drive and I went back to bed. Was down the nailer at 10am then home to spend the day gardening, well more moving stuff around and trying to tidy up. I went out at 7pm to the theatre to watch 'The Doctor will see you know' Alan Fletcher who plays Karl Kennedy in Neighbours. I must say it was dire and very embarrassing to watch/listen to him and his wife talk about his role as the soaps Doctor. Home at 10pm, made pack lunch, ironed trousers, wrote up blog and bed at 11pm.

157 Monday Long day at work, then off to GP afterwards. I had a bath, ate dinner, walked Bob for an hour then watched TV and did the ironing.

158 Tuesday A good day in work, home to cook and eat dinner and sort through the stuff for the charity shops and load the car. Off to the cinema to watch 'Can you hear me God? It's me, Margaret'

159 Wednesday After work I managed to get parking spaces outside the Malvern Hills Trust office to renew the parking pass and outside the charity shop to drop off the first load. Evening spent at Malvern Theatres watching 'The Verdict'

160 Thursday Blood test before work. Then home to let the cat and dog out and off to the supermarket. Evening spent batch cooking, cleaning up and sorting out my old iPhone. I became a Great Aunt for the 7th time to Thing 5 with two more due this year.

I picked up a 'too good to go' bag. I had fruit and onions on my list.

161 Friday Washing machine on and late to work with the school traffic. Work was ok. I don't blog about working in the school in case my blog is discovered, but there is a lot of pettiness in the staffroom that spoils the day some times. Home via the charity shop and post office to drop items off. I did some dusting, hung the washing out which was dry in 2 hours and my friend came round for chips. I did the ironing, had a bath then collected neighbour from work at 11pm.

162 Saturday Up early and off to mums for the morning. We went into town then had my great nephews Thing 2 & 3 and great niece Thing 4 round for a couple of hours to play. In the afternoon before spending the afternoon with grandchild. Home by 8pm. Neighbour let the dog out for me.

I call my nieces children the Things after my favourite book 'The cat in the hat'

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  1. Looks like you had a lovely week with the weather, shame that Alan Fletcher wasn't very good. I haven't watched neighbours for years (apart from the last one). The extension looks fabulous

    1. we're really pleased with the extension, it's just how we pictured it

  2. Congrats on the 14 years blogging! That is amazing. I am loving this weather too, it's not too hot for me yet although I am staying inside today.
    Oh dear, that show doesn't sound good. I thought it would be better with Dr Karl.
    Aww! Congratulations about becoming an aunt again. x

  3. Looks like it's been a great year. 14 years is huge. I did wonder what that show was going to be like. Seemed like a bit of a strange one. Shame it wasn't better

    1. I'm hoping blogging becomes the next big thing again soon