Monday 4 September 2023

Nelsons Bay - Australia

We arrived in Australia the 24th July and spent a week in Melbourne, then flew to Proserpine to spend a week in the Whitsundays for a week where we visited the Great Barrier Reef, then onto Sydney for a week, 2 days in the Hunter Valley, 3 nights in Nelson Bay followed by our last 3 nights on Bondi Beach. We fly home via 3 nights in Kuala Lumpur.

We thought Nelsons Bay was going to be a leisurely break but our son had other ideas for us which involved climbing Tomaree Mountain. It's summit is 161 meters above sea level and only a distance of 1.1km, so it's very steep and categorised as a Grade 5 hike.

Nelsons Bay and area was full of Pelicans, they kept their distance as did we, but they're obviously used to the number of people who visit this area.

Pelicans the size of a small child

Rainbow Lorikeet


Anna Bay and sand dunes

Sea grass

Coral? Sponge?

The rocks were covered with these tubes that looked like ice cream cones and squirted out water as the tide receded. They're called Cunjevoi or Sea squirts.

Sand dunes

Sea views

Gan Gan Lookout

Gymea Lilies

Climbing up Tomaree Mountain. 1.1km distance, 161ms to the top

Zenith Beach


  1. Your photos are amazing, Australia is beautiful, the views simply stunning. Those pelicans would scare me though, look at the size of their beaks!! I love Rainbow Lorikeets, there is a place in Cornwall which allows you an hour in a huge cage with Rainbow Lorikeets flying around and they will come and sit on your hand if you hold out some nectar. I could have stayed there all day, they are adorable. It's a shame they are not in the wild, but they were safe and well and the cage was very much like a small jungle rather than a cage.

    1. the bird aeries we have visited are large ones also. We visited a fab open bird sanctuary in Kuala Lumper I'll be sharing soon.

  2. Suzanne, your photos of Nelsons Bay are stunning! Wow, what an amazing experience. I'd probably kill over from that hike though. We're you guys sore the next day?
    Thank you so very much for hosting this amazing group and making a great space for us to gather.
    Linking up at #3&4

    1. we do a lot of walking and I'm on my feet all day in work also, so we get used to it and the views were worth it

  3. Ah, the views look fab - or should I say bonza? And the lilies look fab - looks a great trip. #PoCoLo