Sunday 3 September 2023

Week 35 One Daily Positive and Project 365

Bizarrely I've had no jet lag at all. We went straight to bed after a bath on Saturday and I woke around 3am and went into the spare room, waking again at 7am, Monday and Tuesday I stayed in the spare room, waking around 5am and on Wednesday afternoon I had a nap to catch up with the missed sleep since getting back home.

We had unpacked and put everything away and all the washing and ironing was done by Tuesday, including the neighbours. Peter cut the lawn 4 times to reduce the jungle it had become and I harvest the things I'd been growing that had been neglected for 5 weeks.

I'm struggling to get hold of the consultant for my gene mutation test results, however they have sent a face to face appointment for October, this will be the first time I've met him since transferring from Dubai in 2020.

240 Sunday We went for coffee at 9am and waited for the supermarkets to open at 10am to do a food shop. I took the dog for a walk and we unpacked. We briefly saw our neighbours before they left for their holiday to thank them for looking after the house and the pets.

241 Monday Friend popped up Monday for tea, I took Bob for a long walk around the fields. You'd never realise he'd been so poorly recently.

242 Tuesday Visited Child 1 in Gloucester, took her shopping and out for lunch. Spent the evening ironing.

243 Wednesday Opticians at 9am, coffee, some shopping and my B12 at the Doctors. I collected Peter and Bob and we had a picnic lunch and walk at Witley Court.

Not a bad haul considering the garden had been neglected for 5 weeks.

244 Thursday Ran the hoover round next door and caught up with some blogging. Visited my Year 13 Student who has been unwell over the holidays and then collected Peter before driving to Bristol to visit his mum.

The neighbours cat doesn't let me get too close.

245 Friday Round the neighbours to hoover, mop and a tidy round. Rest of the morning spent doing the gardening, cutting back shrubs, weeding and emptying pots. Headed to town in the afternoon to the Death Cafe and evening spent with friend over wine with chips.

With my work supervisor.

246 Saturday Beds made and extension furniture rearranged to make more space, putting the unit up in grandchild's room, giving them a better place to play. Had my nails done Barbie pink, then bought food for their visit. They arrived at 6pm in time for tea and grandchild loved their new room.

The dog loves seeing our grandchild, the cat can't get out the house quick enough.

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  1. That's great you had no jet lag! I'm on with doing the unpacking and washing today after our break away. Ugh!
    It looks like Bob is doing well. What a relief.
    You did get a great haul from your garden. I need to get our in ours sometime this week and sort it out. x

  2. Lucky not getting jetlag. Nice week seeing lots of people and getting things done. Glad to see Bob's back to korma again

  3. The last picture is so cute! You had quite a busy week. I'm impressed by the yield you got from the garden.

  4. I'm glad you avoided jet lag! Fab garden goodies, we got rid of our veg patches due to it being used as a cat toilet :( #project365

    1. shame about the veg patch. 4 of us have cats in our area and we all have litter trays, so no issue here thankfully

  5. My cat is the same with the toddler, wont stay in the same room! Oh well done on the vegetable haul!

  6. Glad you didn’t have any jet lag after getting back. Hope you manage to get your gene mutation test results soon. Lovely photos of Bob enjoying his walks. That’s a good haul from the garden. Hope you had a lovely time with your grandchild visiting. #project365

  7. You have had a very long time to wait for that face to face appointment, hope it moves along quickly once its out the way in October. So lovely seeing Bob looking for perky, love the action shot too.

    1. the face to face appointment has been changed back to a telephone call