Monday 18 September 2023

Bondi Beach, Coogee and Palm Beach (Home and Away) and Goodbyes


We ended our 4 week trip to Australia with saying Goodbye to child 3, Jamie. He's been out in Australia since 2017 and has no plans to return to the UK. 

Our last 3 days were spent in Bondi Beach as a base and we still had several places to explore.

One final trip to the Opera House and Harbour Bridge

Arriving in Coogee after a walk from Bondi Beach

A Facebook memory showed us we were walking this route, exactly one year ago to the day, but in the opposite direction.

The coast line is amazing and we saw whales and dolphins off the coast.

Despite it being winter it didn't stop people swimming in the pool and the sea, but not for us, too cold.

A kookaburra came to say hello

Sunset over Bondi Beach from the roof top

Coastal walk in Manly

A water dragon

A diamond python in the tree above the footpath.

Ferry back from Manly

Cruise ship in Sydney Harbour

Bondi Beach

On the set of Home and Away at Palm Beach.

The lighthouse at Palm Beach

The best Thai meal I've ever had. Chicken and Prawn with pineapple rice from Bangkok Bites in Bondi

That's the end of our road trip in Australia, 3 states, 11 hotels/air b&Bs/apartments 5 flights, car hire, trains and lots of walking. 

It'll be a few years before we plan to visit again. If I had could I'd spend every summer out there, visiting our son and there is so much more to see, explore and experience.


  1. It looks absolutely stunning, no wonder your son doesn't want to come home. He looks just like you!

    1. 2 of my boys look like me, they don't like it when people say that though lol

  2. Suzanne, your photos are stunning! Thanks for letting me go on this virtual trip with you. I really enjoyed you sharing your trip with us.
    Linking up at #3

  3. More fantastic photos of a wonderful trip! It must have been difficult leaving your son. #pocolo