Saturday 16 September 2023

Week 37 One daily Positive and Project 365 2023 BMW PGA Championship.

Work has been stressing me out this week and I was only in for half the week. I don't need to know students personal details, but I do need to know what actions to take in case they're not in class, such as which adult to locate or where to send them and who to report it to. It's not helped by the fact it can take 20 mins to locate a computer and sign in, when we only have 5 minutes between lessons.

The second part of the week was spent back on the DP World tour in Surrey Wednesday to Sunday. Call times 6.30am on day 1 & 2. 9am start on Saturday.

I'm working with feature groups. There are 6 of us. A buggy driver, camera man, pole pointer, spotter (calls the shots for the studio) an on course commentator for Sky and myself as the mic holder. The 

254 Sunday Up at 5am and got the ironing done before it got too hot. I went to Worcester for coffee and some shopping, then home to dig up a shrub so I could dig a trench for Peter to put the lawn edging in. Rest of the day was spent tidying and putting things away and I set up an old TV for the grandchildren room. Evening spent blogging.

254 Monday Into work and home. Too hot to do anything, popped down my friends to wish her a happy birthday for the weekend and home to watch TV.

A most bizarre email from my bank. I have been with them for over 40 years.

256 Tuesday Home from work to pack my kit and the car. evening spent just reading and watching TV.

The cat loves this plant.

257 Wednesday Home from work, cup of tea and off to Wentworth. I'm staying in a B&B near by, should've gone with a Travelodge but that would involve a lot more driving and traffic , I'm only 6 miles away and it takes 10 mins each way. 

The dog thinks he's coming out with me.

258 Thursday Early start and so lovely to see so many people I've worked with before, only my 3rd UK event, but recognise so many from Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Wow so many spectators, I could hardly get on the tee box or near the greens. We had breakfast and lunch on site and I called in to a supermarket on the way back to grab some salad, fruit, gin in a tin, snacks etc for the rest of the week.

I went out with Adam Scott, Tom Kim and Billy Horschel.

259 Friday 6.45am start for me, but the golf was delayed due to fog, instead of coming off air at 2pm, we were on till 4pm and it was chaotic with us and full sets of world feed crews. So many cameras on the course to try and avoid. I got frowned and tutted at several times, managed to annoy a golfer who is easily annoyed and let everyone know his annoyance. It was almost 7pm when I got back so showered and straight to bed falling asleep by 9pm.

I went out with Matt Fitzpatrick, Justin Rose and Robert Macintyre.

260 Saturday Grandchild's 4th birthday. Child 2 collected hubby for the day as I have the car. It's about 3 times a year we could do with a second car and it's always if I'm away. I had a lie in as call time wasn't till 9am.

I went out with Shane Lowry, Adam Scott and Rasmus Hojgaard.

On the blog this week:

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  1. Oh dear! Work does sound stressful but the golf does sound like fun.
    That is nice of Santander to recognise their longest standing customers but it did seem a bit pointless, I though they were going to end it with here's a gift from us. x

    1. or at least a cup of tea and a slice of cake with the bank manager lol

  2. That does sound stressful at work – hope things get better. Love the photo of your cat perched on the plant. Working on the golf event sounds so interesting. #project365

    1. the golf really is a lot of fun, work not improving, but I care less for it so makes it easier

  3. Oh my gosh, how exciting with the golf event. Although it does sound a bit tricky navigating around all the different crews. Hope your job at the school is easier next week, hang in there! x

    1. I'd love to do the golf full time, but it's not an option sadly. Work mates are all on the same side, so manageable

  4. I think communication is key to stress free work which is why I've just left my job! Hope you enjoyed the golf. #project6365

    1. don't think I'll be far behind you if work carries on like this