Monday 11 September 2023

Week 36 - One Daily Positive and Project 365

It was back to school for me on Monday, 2 inset days then year 12 and year 7 start. Can't believe my year 7's will be year 9's this week, time goes so fast,

What a glorious week it has been weather wise. I nearly put the fans up in the loft over the weekend, glad I didn't as they've been on every night.

Peter has been working in the garden, adding an extension to the patio he built earlier this year so all our chairs can be used properly without the risk of toppling over.

It's been too hot to do much after work and I've already worked an additional 6 hours.

247 Sunday Up at 10am and off to the Maize Maze with Peter, DIL, grandchild and Bob. It was a lot of fun with puzzles to solve and clues to collect as we went round. Son then joined us at a local market for coffee and a snack. Family left around 8pm.

248 Monday Back to school and meetings most of the day, I ended up staying half an hour later to email my students their new timetables and contact parents with arrangements for Thursday, Evening spent watching TV, folding washing and eating chocolate from the neighbour as a thank you for looking after their cat. Her children were excited to see us.

Back to school in front of the door photo.

249 Tuesday Rode my bike to work for the first time since November and my achilles injury, which still hasn't healed but wasn't affected by the bike ride. Too hot to doing anything other than a quick food shop, cold tea, watched Netflix and did some blogging.

250 Wednesday I cycled to work again and back. In the late afternoon I tidied garden.

If you look under the car, you can see my supervisor.

251 Thursday Drove to the pool for swimming. Peter and Bob came with me in the car, then walked home. Peter ordered wood and was 2 tight to pay for delivery, so after work we carried 2 of 5 planks of wood, 3 meters long, they were heavy and we were hot.

We are both fed up with the garden, but the patio and edging is almost finished now.

252 Friday I walked to work and had a lift home. Back to the timber merchants for the rest of the wood, then I popped to the supermarket for tomorrows picnic. We had a BBQ. No Friday night wine and chips this week or next.

Half way home with the wood.

253 Saturday It's grandchild's 4th birthday next weekend, but I'll be at Wentworth at the PGA Championship Golf and I will have the car so hubby won't be able to go, so we celebrated today instead with dinosaur themed food, decorations and a piƱata. We had chips for tea, Bob came with us and we were home around 9pm.

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  1. The Maize Maze sounds like a lot of fun and I love the back to school photo. hehehe
    It sounds like you are back into the cycling, it sounds handy to get to work and back.
    Aww! Happy birthday to your grandchild. What a lovely way to celebrate. x

    1. the cycling didn't take off again, it's either been too windy or too wet

  2. I get a bit panicky in mazes so well done going round it. Sounds like you have been very busy with the school work. I did have a little chuckle you did a back to school photo! You look very stylish in your riding to work picture! Love the glasses and the lipstick.

    1. the maize was easy to get out of, you could see through it. I didn't look stylish when I arrived in school

  3. I love watching the kids grow and learn, Sebby's year was my first working in a preschool and now they are all Yr6's - its gone so fast. The maize maze looks lots of fun

  4. Love that you joined in with the front door pic! The heat has been so unpleasant, looking forward to the week ahead with some rain.. #project365

    1. I have to do a back to school pic each year

  5. The maize maze sounded like it was fun. I can imagine carrying the wood home was an effort especially in the hot weather! Happy 4th birthday to your grandchild. Love the dinosaur themed food to celebrate. #project365

    1. grandchild loves dinosaurs so it seemed logical to do