Friday 15 September 2023

Post Comment Love 15th-17th September 2023

Welcome back to #pocolo with Stephanie from Bosworth.Life and I.

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I'm away this week in Surrey working at The BMW PGA Championship Golf. I'm working as a TV assistant out on the golf course capturing sound working with feature groups. I walk the course with the golfers up close from the tee to the green capturing sound for the TV feed which is provided for The Golf Channel and Sky. We often 'go live' to a shot or a player, so I have to be 'on the ball' continuously, so I have to pick up all 3 shots for each hole, which can involve a lot of running and an occasional lift on a buggy. I've also got to avoid the cameras. I work with a camera crew, but there are cameras on the course and other camera crews that just pop up on the course. Tee shots are the easiest as I have time to get on the tee in time. The fairway shots can be spread out and the green shots are tricky, trying to avoid the bunkers, the cameras and find the right spot to get all the sound.

I'll be catching up with reading your posts, sharing and commenting next week.


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  1. That sounds like a challenging but very exciting job! I hope you are enjoying it! Thanks for the party.


  2. It sounds like an interesting job but I wouldn't like all that running around. You do look cool though :)

    1. I aim for dry and not too hot and not too cold lol

  3. Suzanne, it's so interesting to learn the things that go on behind the scenes! I'm afraid I would probably get distracted by a squirrel or something and get sacked my first week on the job.

    1. it's the drones and planes that distract me