Sunday 11 February 2024

2024 Week 6 One Daily Positive Project365 A Selfie a day


36  Monday My student had their RPE A level mock exam today, 3 hours plus breaks. By the time we'd printed papers, submitted them and taken her to meet mum, I'd missed break and lunch, so after settling another student into their first history lesson for almost a year, I left 40 mins early and walked home via the post office to post grandson and great niece's valentines gifts. I'm on day 4 of migraine meds. Evening spent pottering, some research, watching TV, a bath and early night.

Off to work

37  Tuesday Car to work, collected student from home, no exams, joined in with a woodwork class and made sure I had my breaks and lunch. Left work an hour early and home via the supermarket and a coffee, then sorted out grandchild's and child 1's valentines gift. Evening spent reading the Sunday papers and making valentines decorations. Video calls with grandchildren.

38  Wednesday Last exam this week, English Metaphysical poetry, I've really enjoyed this. Colleague came back to help me make some cakes for the learning base and I cooked dinner for us.


39  Thursday I took the day off sick. The migraine I've had on and off since last Thursday just isn't shifting. Morning spent in bed, afternoon spent on sofa catching up with 3 weeks worth of Neighbours. Evening spent in bed watching soaps and blogging and reading.

Reminding my husband why I'm such a catch.

40  Friday Back to work, head still not right, but being at home or at work is making no difference, just got to ride it out. Mate came round in the evening for dinner and drinks. 

41  Saturday Had my nails done and did a bit of shopping, then Peter met me for coffee. The afternoon spent reading and pottering around the house and packing for our trip away. Still struggling with the migraine.

We delayed grandchild from playing in their mud pit.

42  Sunday A lie in then car packed and off to Barry Island. We arrived at the Island around midday, had coffee and cake, then walked around the coastal path, played the 2p slots and bought some tack. Had a Sunday roast at the Toby Cavery. It was sunny but very windy out.

Books read this week:                                                                                                                                  The Thursday Murder Club - Richard Osman.                                                                                Metaphysical Poetry - Forward by Colin Burrow.

Words written towards book: 961

Clothes bought: 0

On the blog this week: What I do to relax

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  1. Sorry to hear your migraine wasn't shifting. I hope the meds start to help soon.

    1. thanks, I'm not having much luck with them

  2. I hope the mock exams went well for your students. My youngest had her English mocks last week.
    Ugh! That is rotten about the migraine. I hope it has shifted now.
    Neighbours has been good. I cried so much when he died.
    It sounds like you had a lovely Sunday! x

    1. The mocks went really well. Neighbours was very sad and totally unexpected.

  3. Sorry to hear that you have been poorly with a migraine. Barry Island looks fun though, I would love to visit there

  4. Sounds like a busy week with the mock exams. Glad you enjoyed them though. Sorry that you had a migraine – hope that you’re feeling better now. The photo with the curlers and the caption made me chuckle. Sounds like you had a fun trip to Barry Island. #project365

    1. just be grateful I didn't post the after photo, I had to wash it in the morning