Sunday 25 February 2024

2024 Week 8. One Daily Positive, Project 365, A Selfie a Day


50  Monday A stressful day in work, head pounding and just not feeling it. Mock exam for student went well though. Home an hour early, collected mum and went for coffee before her eye appointment. Dinner, TV and early night.

51  Tuesday Into work for an hour, then home to collect mum and take her home. On my way back I called in to see grandchild then caught up with an old friend and neighbour. home at 6pm, evening spent on the sofa watching TV.

52  Wednesday Full day in work, head down and just got on with things. Popped into town to post son's Easter and Birthday gifts to Australia, had a coffee, bought a couple of books. Had dinner then a long soak in the bath, TV, blogging and some reading.

53  Thursday Absolutely soaked this morning getting into work then collecting a student from home followed by taking another student to the art block on the other site before invigilating a 3 hour ethics exam. As I worked through break and lunch, Peter collected me 40 minutes early and we went for coffee and got soaked again. home to watch TV, blog, read and an early night.

54  Friday Work is really getting me down at the moment, but I work with an amazing bunch of people who keep me sane, so I'm sticking with it. My student sits their A levels this summer and my contract ends, I've been told there is a job for me in September, but I'd like an idea of what it's going to be. I've a feeling I won't get told until the first day back of the new school year. Home before 4pm, watched TV, had dinner, read, blogged, bath and an early night.

55  Saturday Off to Gloucester to visit child 1, they've not been very well and need some tests, but due to their complex disabilities they need sedating for procedures and the hospital staff just don't get how they can't be 'calmed' without medication, so two days in the week, the procedures were cancelled and new plans made, it's ridiculous. Anyway, out for lunch, ordered mums new washing machine and did a food shop. Home by 4pm to just chill.

56  Sunday The had a lie in and most of the day was spent binge watching Madam Blanc. We walked down to the retail park for a coffee and separated halfway home as I wanted to pop into the charity shops and take a photo on the common. Peter cooked a late lunch/early dinner. I decorated a small Christmas tree with Easter eggs and decorated the fire place. We made video calls with the grandchildren, I blogged and had an early night.

Books read this week: Ken Kesey - One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest

                                     Robert Swindells - Stone Cold

Words written towards book: 1280

Clothes bought: Chinos £25 M&S, White Stuff trousers (charity shop) £7, Jumper Quba & Co (charity shop) £7

On the blog this week: January 2024 - Days out in my Van 

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  1. Oh dear, you do look so tired on that first photo, it's no wonder after a stressful day. It does sound like work is hectic.
    I hope things get sorted with child one. x

    1. Child 1 is now booked for hospital tests in April. Migraine still lingering and my energy levels just aren't recovering

  2. Sorry to hear that work has been stressful but glad you have a good group of people that you work with. That’s good news about having a job in September – hope you do get some more details about it before then though! Sorry to hear that child 1 hasn’t been well and the tests have been cancelled a couple of times – hope they get sorted out soon and that child 1 feels better soon. #project365

    1. I've given up asking about the job in September, I may start looking elsewhere soon. Child 1's tests now booked for April

  3. That's frustrating about the September contract. Hopefully you'll find out earlier to get things agreed. Hope Child 1's tests get done soon and they're improving soon.

    1. thank you, I'm getting so frustrated with work contract and daughters tests