Monday 5 February 2024

What I do to relax.

We go out in the van on the weekends.

I love going for long walks on my own, just ambling, to and from work, different routes.

Getting my nails done, a gossip and a coffee.

Popping bubbles on my phone.


Long bubble baths.

Lounging around in my pyjamas.

Making things.

Writing letters and short stories for the grandchildren.

Watching Quiz shows on TV.

What do you do to relax?


  1. I love to have a nice bubble bath, put my cosy pj's on and read in bed with a nice hot chocolate

  2. I really miss bubble baths, we have a wet room now. I love lounging around in my pjs, reading and watching television. I also enjoy crochet.

  3. I enjoy hot baths, and I've been thinking about getting some bubble soaks. Also, napping, word search, hidden object games on the computer, sitting outside in the summer, crafting, reading.
    Thanks bunches for hosting I appreciate your hospitality.
    Linking up at #3&4