Tuesday 27 February 2024

The garden is getting itself ready for Spring.

There are quite a few jobs that need doing in the garden. Starting with the removal of this shed. It's been two and a half years since we got the new shed, 2 years since the new kitchen and 1 year since the extension was built and 9 months since I emptied the shed so it could be taken down. Hopefully with a week of dry weather, it's something that can be done sooner rather than later. I need to remind the neighbour to get their fence fixed. 

I can then get the table and chairs out on the old shed base and put the umbrella frame up and get a small chair to go with the pod and table under the canopy so we can use this area for its intended purpose better.

The walls are going to be clad and I will be putting up some old pub, road and car signs that I inherited from my father and clear some more space in the attic rooms. 

Scaffolding planks to go up on the wall under the canopy.

Then we can start clearing these mounds of earth and build some raised beds and a compost bin and start to use and enjoy the garden more.

Then sort out a couple of areas that are still flooding since building the new patio.

I've purchased a couple of gardening magazines and dug out my garden plans and have started to make some designs.

In the meantime, lots has been happening in the garden all by itself

A visit from a bumble bee.

Hollyhocks, and herbs.

Cyclamen and Primrose.


I planted chard and parsley once and it just keeps on growing, such a cheap and tasty crop.

How's your garden faired over the winter? Is it showing signs of spring?


  1. I love spring and getting the garden ready! It's my favorite time of year!

    1. and mine, can't wait to spend more time outside

  2. Happy March Suzanne! Thanks so much for hosting and hospitality.
    Linking up at #15&16

  3. It looks as if it's going to be a busy time in your garden, looking forward to seeing the progress #PoCoLo