Monday 5 February 2024

2024 Week 5 One Daily Positive Project 365 A Selfie a Day


29  Monday Back to work and so not feeling it today. I met Peter at the retail park, he walked there to meet me, we had coffee and home for tea. I spent 3 hours revising King Lear for A Level mocks on Wednesday to support my student with her revision tomorrow in school.

30  Tuesday Picked up a colleague on the way to work, then I was supposed to go to back to another colleagues house for tea, but she was feeling under the weather, so we postponed, so bonus coffee with Peter in town and home for dinner and we finished watching The Crown.

I needed to borrow a hammer for work.

31 Wednesday Morning spent invigilating A level English Lit, afternoon normal lessons. Evening spent with a colleague at her house for a natter, dinner and cake. Had a fab evening, home at 8pm, bath, TV and an early night.

We've completed our first month of a selfie a day. I'm going to have to get a bit creative or all the photos will be of us mainly sitting on the sofa in the evenings.


32  Thursday A lift into work to collect my student and settle her into school for the day then off to Worcester for an Autism training course. Back to work for 3pm for an hour to set up for Fridays exam. home for dinner and an evening spent blogging and making cards.

33  Friday My student was unwell so no invigilating for me, caught up with some paperwork then joined in with enrichment day with the students who didn't go on the school trips. I left work early with a migraine that I managed to numb during the day with meds then kill with stronger meds when I got home. Friend came round for the evening.

34 Saturday A lie in then off to Gloucester to pick up child 1 and take her out to celebrate her 36th birthday. Child 2 and grandchild met us for a birthday lunch and a wander round the docks. We dropped child 1 home then went shopping and had a coffee, getting home at 4pm. Evening spent reading and blogging and watching TV.

35 Sunday I popped out for a coffee. The house was treated to a full dust and polish. Afternoon spent reading. Evening spent at The Pink Floyd Experience at Malvern Theatre.

Books read this week: David Copperfield - Charles Dickens

Words written towards book: 1480

Clothes bought: 0

On the blog this week: 2024 Reading Challenge - A book a week

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  1. That really made me smile that you work so hard to help your students especially when it comes to their mock exams.
    I am loving your photos of you and Peter. I don't think my fella would be so obliging. lol x

  2. a very packed week and you managed a book too. I need to read more

  3. I'm impressed Peter's happy to be in photos. I don't even have more than a handful of my husband offline, let alone online. What was the Pink Floyd experience like? I went to my first concert in a theatre, and it was an interestingly different experience to being at a festival/outdoor stage or uni gig which is mostly my experience.


  4. Well done on a month of selfies together! I can barely get my partner to do the one lol Hope you enjoyed The Pink Floyd Experience, my MIL has been and said it was good.

  5. She cat is so cute. Well done for writing for your book and also for keeping up with the reading challenge.

  6. Those students are so lucky to have such a dedicated teacher working so hard for them. I hope it pays off!

  7. I have looked into invigilating, but can't spare enough time yet. I hope to do it in the future. The pink ffloyd experience looks fun

  8. Well done on completing your first month of selfies. Lovely to have a meal out with child 1 for her birthday – I hope she had a nice one. The Pink Floyd experience sounds like a good night out. #project365