Friday 30 December 2011

Everything is arse backwards

Every house I stayed at in the 3 weeks back in the UK was different. I ran the hot tap but cold water came out, ah yes, new house, different taps, some taps even turned the wrong way, on some the H and the C had worn away so it was guess work.
There was liquid soap, bars of soap or no soap. My hands smelt of lavender, strawberry, mint.
The kettle is corded, cordless, for the stove. The jam was in the fridge, not the cupboard, it was decaf tea, brown sugar, spread not butter.
A duvet, several sheets and blankets, which layer did I sleep under? One pillow, 10 pillows, a brick for a pillow.
I’m not complaining everything was just different everywhere I stayed and I’m truely grateful for everyones hospitality.
‘Help yourself to anything you want/need’ Well I would if I could bloody well find where you’ve hid it.

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