Tuesday 20 December 2011

Grooving Mums week 12, 13 and 14

Well firstly, thanks for reading my weekly grooving mums post, actually this week its 3 weeks into 1 as I've been travelling round the UK.
Grooving mums blogging, inspired by @netcurtains or http://kateonthinice.wordpress.com/, isn't about recovering ypour groove, it's about meeting people for what ever reason are at the same stage in life as you are. Something has happened (emigration in my case, depression, new baby, death, divorce, health) and something needs to be done to recover the groove,get back to where you once before or change directly completly.

week 12
1. How is your health? Is there a niggling problem that you are avoiding bringing to the attention of your GP? Are you up to date with your smear test and other matters? How can you ensure that you are in tip-top form before the stress of Christmas hits?

My health is good, a few problems earlier in the year with my teeth and a minor car bump (not my fault) which agrivated an old neck injury, but otherwise good.

2. What does the concept of freedom mean to you? Do you have enough or do you sometimes feel hemmed in with your various responsiblities? When are you cut a bit of slack by your family, friends and colleagues?
Freedom is a difficult one for me, living in South Africa personal safety is a big issue and I’m grateful we live in a security estate around a 18 hole golf course. I miss the freedom of being able to work, but not the actual work and I find it very frustrated at having to ask for money from my husband.

3. Laughter Therapy – Can you do something this week that will make you laugh out loud? Perhaps see a funny film, write an amusing blog post or visit a comedy show? Maybe just share a joke with us.
There has been lots of laughter this month catching up with friends in the UK and trying to pack the suitcases tonight had me and my mum in fits of hysterics.
Favourite joke...Why did the chicken (me) cross the road? Because she saw the Zebra crossing.

4. Blog Hopping – One good way to make new blogger contacts is via blog hopping. How about taking part in one of the Britmums prompts this week? One is related to the festive season and one is about blogging in the New Year. Visit the Britmums site for more details. http://www.britmumsblog.com/2011/11/britmums-blog-prompt-christmas-wishes/
I gave my blog a make over http://www.chickenruby.com I’ve added tabs at the top and learnt how tagging drops the posts into the tabs.

week 13
1. Get some catalogues and look online and in the shops to identify something for your body that you would like for Christmas. Then tell us all about it.
One of the things I have been shopping for on my trip to the UK is for dresses. The only time I buy or wear dresses is for christenings, weddings and funerals (been to one on this trip). But in South Africa summer lasts from September till May and even te days in the winter are 20c, so plenty of opportunities to wear dresses and several bought (no pics as I’ve packed)

2. Can you do the same for your mind? Perhaps a book or film on a topic that you would like to explore further. Again, please share your ideas with us.
I don’t watch films, I can’t sit still, but I had two 8 hr flights to get to the UK so I watched Harry Potter, The Smurfs and Glee the Movie and thoroughly enjoyed them

3. Light a candle. If you are up for meditation, try that. If not just enjoy the sight of it or buy one of those lovely scented ones to lift the spirits.
I have been given candles and incense sticks by my Sister in Law for Christmas and will be nice to light a candle for fun rather than just to keep the mossies away.

4. Make a change to your blog. Add an image or a badge (The Grooving Mums one is very lovely, hint). Add a disclosure policy if you are interested in reviewing product samples. Give some real thought to what you want your blog to do for you in the New Year.
Apart from the changes mentioned from last week (see above) I’ve decided to 'have a go at this making money from my blog’ lark. Goes against everything I’ve ever complained about with bloggers, but I won’t be reviewing products, not sure what or how, but I’ll let you know.

Week 14
1.Set aside a 3 hour time slot between now and New Year’s Eve which is just for you to do what you want when you want how you want and where you want. Diarise it and try to stick to it and insist on it.
Don’t usually have this problem as the kids and hubby are out most of the day and I have loads of ‘me time’ But I’ve spent three weeks touring the UK and the only ‘me time’ I’ve had recently has been in the car driving from place to place seeing family and friends. It's going to be difficult to fit 3 hours in with them all at home till January 11th, but to be honest I've spent so much time on my own that I actually want to be with the family at the moment...it won't last long.

2. Think about one element that has never featured in your Christmas Day and see if you can incorporate it. It might be going for a walk, breaking with tradition, attending a church service, buying a gift for yourself, you get to decide but just do something different.
Well, again, life in South Africa will involve a Braai, out door cooking, a dip in the pool after lunch and wearing a dress sitting in the garden drinking wine at sundown.

3. What can you do to honour a good cause this Christmas? Could you set up a standing order for your favourite charity? If money is tight, can you give your time in some way either to an organisation or to an individual who might appreciate a friendly word or visit?
I’ve been involved in the @sant shoebox appeal and finally @thebabyhouse has got their first children who will be in a safe home for maybe the first time in their lives and I have been collecting clothing to take for them for Christmas.

4. This post is part of the #groovingmums initiative. If you blog, why not consider setting up your own initiative that brings bloggers together?
I’m hoping to promote the parenting teens area of my blog, I’m fed up with all the ‘mummy’ advice for young children, the question of co-sleeping and breat feeding etc, these children will grow into teens and the blogs will develop, but in the meantime, mine are teens now, so as there is little advice around for me, I thought I’d develop some for others.

5. Buy yourself a journal or notebook where you can record thoughts and feelings as you start to make positive changes in your life and world. You can jot down inspirational quotations, nice things people say about you or whatever helps you most. It would be a good place to write down the #groovingmums challenges too. Give some thought to what sort of notebook, pretty, funky, stylish, you decide and then share a picture with us.
I have one, it’s my blog jotter, my note taker and anything else that pops into my head, even ideas for a book.

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