Thursday 29 December 2011

It's never too late to read to your kids

My 12yo is the youngest of 5. The novelty of all things parent wore off by the time he was born. The older children went to gym, swimming and various other clubs. They complained about going, they wanted to come home after school, play with their mates, their toys, watch TV etc not go to some club, have tea, fit in homework and do some reading before being forced to bed too early just cos I was tired.
So number 5 son didn't do any of the above, he's dyslexic, he struggles with reading, he prefers to play on his own, he's imaginative, creative and bloody messy. He pretty much decides when he goes to bed, within a time frame. He pretty much chooses what he wants to eat (was gluten freed for 7yrs due to medical and behavioural needs) and we attempt no more than 30 mins of homework on a school night (tbh there is little homework).
Granny bought him a book for Christmas 'gansta granny' by David Walliams. He wasn't going to read it, he ignored it and moved it from sight.
Three nights ago I asked him if we could read the book together. He said no. I asked him if I should read it to him. He replied 'if you want, but I'm off to bed now' so I read a chapter, he asked for another, he asked me what some words meant and why they just didn't say that'll the first place.
The second night he didn't go to bed till 10pm I told him I was too tired to read, he begged, he pleaded saying he didn't realise there were rules to reading. So I read to him and last night he said if he went to bed at 8.30pm could I read for half hour instead of just two chapters and he's lined up a doctor who book for me to read next.


  1. This is great. My son is 11yo and loves to read but I have the same issues with my 8yo. She really struggles with reading and so doesn't enjoy it like my son. He gains so much from enjoyment from reading. I read to my 8yo most nights and it has got her more interested in books. I also find it can lead to them opening up and chatting about their day- something I think boys do less anyway. If you want any recommendations of what to read with him after you've done the Dr Who, I'll ask my son :)

  2. Fantastic. I've read every night before bed since my two could sit up to listen. I'd imagine with more than 2 that would be hard going as mums a taxi service after they reach a certain age and with learning problems would be worse but how brilliant he's started showing an interest!!!! Caleb knows as soon as he chooses his book its read then straight to bed no messing. Its a great bedtime routine inducing tool!!! The benefits they get are lovely. So glad A's discovered the joys of mummy reading time and great bonding time for you two together! Hope he's using his bookmark now to mark the spot for mum! ;) xx

  3. We've finished the book, it had a sad ending :-( now Reading about a girl living in Africa