Friday 30 December 2011

Welcome (back) to the UK

After the initial shock of how much everything in South Africa cost, I’ve now realised after my second trip to the UK that it’s not all bad.
The initial house deposit , first month’s rent and buying a car was financially crippling, add to that beds, bedding, general household items due to our lack of knowledge and ability to travel further than a few miles to set up everything up.
Nearly a year on, I’m now familiar with the locality. I know where the best places are to shop and kick myself when I see how shopping around could’ve saved us a lot of money, but hey, it’s done now.
I arrived back in the UK the 1st of December and nearly had heart failure in the pub when three glass of wine came to £15 and you should’ve have seen the look on my face in the cafe where toast and butter was £2.50.
A quick scan round ASDA and I was mortified at how much food has increased in the UK. Toiletries are still much cheaper in the UK and the supermarkets all run 2 for 1 BOGOF offers and the competition between the giants does keep the prices low on some items and often my shopping would be dictated by the offers rather than the brand (still won’t compromise on my PG Tips though)

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