Thursday 29 December 2011

Give me tea

I love drinking tea, milk, one sugar and cats piss colour, weak but don't just add extra milk as I also like my tea hot.
I love drinking coffee, cafe latte (there's no r in it not laarrrte) single shot and two brown sugars.
Cafe Nero understands 'single shot' so does the near by cafe, sort of, they serve the cafe separate from the latte for me to mix myself.
Hubby has an all action, singing, dancing coffee machine but to be honest it's a fecking flaff...grind the beans, froth the milk, clean the machine and it's tastes more like a cappuccino.
I decided to make myself a 'proper' coffee as my mum describes it (she means instant) as I couldn't be arsed with the machine or going out...took one sip, the smell put me off and I tipped it away...I'm back to my faithful never let's me down.

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