Monday 26 December 2011

I just want to blow my vuvuzela

So the announcement came on Christmas eve 'closed due to flooding' omg what to do? Cries of 'it's terrible' 'there's a shame' 'what are they going to do about it?' ' it happens everytime it rains'
So they worked hard in Christmas eve clearing up the debris, ensuring that boxing day all was reopened and people wouldn't be upset, people could have their lives back.
This morning I went for a walk, I heard comments 'it's such a shame' 'it's been ruined' 'this shouldn't be allowed to happen in this day and age'
So what has been affected? Why do I want to blow my vuvuzela?

It's a bloody golf course, that's all. What about the rain in the townships? Don't they get flooded? Don't people there lose more than just one day of leisure?

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