Saturday 22 February 2014

67 minutes for Mandela

67 minutes for Mandela
This is how my volunteering work in South Africa started. I’d met the people at Kungwini Welfare Organisation through Santa Shoebox and they invited me to join them.
I stayed more than 67 minutes and I made 2 kms of Bunting (hanging flags) for decoration at their Nickel Xmas Market. I have worked there as a volunteer 2 days a week in the protective workshop and fundraise and raise awareness online through my own blog and their social media websites.
As an expat new in South Africa the opportunity to be involved with 67 minutes for Mandela allowed me the opportunity to engage in the community, meet people and do something good.
If it wasn’t for Santa Shoebox this opportunity wouldn’t have presented itself and therefore my suggestion for 67 minutes for Mandela this year for your company is to ask your employers to bring to work shoe boxes, wrapping paper, stickers and tape to spend 67 minutes wrapping boxes for Santa Shoebox to help us with the 6% shortfall we have where donors pledge but fail deliver, enabling us as volunteers to have boxes to pack with other donations we receive.
It’s a great opportunity for your employees to demonstrate teamwork and if you offered a small prize for the best decorated box or the most number of boxes wrapped, it would allow a little bit of healthy competition to show through.

Another way to support the Santa Shoebox project is by matching donated boxes collected by your employees and again you could introduce a competition for the individual and the department that collects and donates the largest number of items for each month and in total. Encourage staff to ask family, neighbours and friends to help them, developing awareness and community spirit.

Staff could bring and collect items throughout the year, Dedicate 5 months for collection of shoebox items.
April – Clothing
May – Sweets
June – Stationery
July – Toiletries
August - Toys

Santa Shoebox volunteers can arrange the packing of boxes, registration and allocate a facility or an age range for the boxes to be donated to.

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