Monday 24 February 2014

Viva Arts Festival Mamelodi. WE NEED PAINT.

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I’ve been involved with The Viva Foundation in Mamelodi since December 2012 whilst volunteering for Santa Shoebox. In March 2013 my son and I took part in the Viva Township Art and Living Art Gallery and I’m currently delivering training programmes to the teachers at the Early Learning Centre. I also raise funds for specific items used in the day to day teaching and raise awareness through social media.
The Viva Township Art and Living Art Gallery is running again this year on March 15th-16th. Individuals and companies are invited to join artists and lovers of Art as we transform shack homes into works of Art.
Although we ask artists to supply their own paint, brushes etc we need to supply some of our own, as the owners of the shacks who take part in the festival are unable to afford to purchase the paint and we rely heavily on donations.
In exchange for sponsorship of paint and brushes the Viva Foundation will tweet and face book about your donation and company name with regular updates on how the project is going and the good that it is doing in the community.  I personally will do the same and with 9000+ hits per month on my own blog and 2300 followers on twitter I reach a wide and varied audience in South Africa and worldwide.
We ask artists to respect the house-owner and steer clear from concept art/political messages and religious imagery and erotic art etc. You will be painting someone's home and they may not share your ideas and have to live in the art you create. It has to be family friendly, because it is in the open. You can look at the pictures of other art from previous festivals and see what we mean. Likewise we ask the shack owner to steer clear of asking for concept art/political messages and religious imagery as the artist may not share those ideas  

Viva can issue 18A tax deductible donations certificates for bona fide donations.

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