Sunday 23 February 2014

Can you sponsor me some stationery and printer ink?

I’ve been involved with The Viva Foundation in Mamelodi since December 2012 whilst volunteering for Santa Shoebox. In March 2013 my son and I took part in the Viva Township Art and Living Art Gallery and I’m currently delivering training programmes to the teachers at the Early Learning Centre. I also raise funds for specific items used in the day to day teaching and raise awareness through social media.
I am currently delivering training sessions to the teachers at the school, for children aged birth to 5, focusing on discipline and engaging the children in their learning. The school day is long from 8am often till 6pm and the teachers are struggling to keep the children engaged throughout the day, especially when they have very limited equipment, mainly in the form of stationery items.
There are 3 class rooms: 0-2, 3 & 4-5 year olds. Part of the training I am delivering is to develop the curriculum and introduce new methods to deliver literacy, numeracy and life skills.
The following items of equipment would make a huge difference to the way the teachers deliver lessons and to the students learning.
Plain and lined paper
Sensory items: Soft balls, play doh

In order to deliver training sessions and develop lesson plans I urgently need a sponsor for the printing costs involved.

I develop worksheets and activities for the teachers to deliver to the children, as you can appreciate drawing 46 worksheets just once a week is time consuming. The worksheets designed teach the children body parts and how to keep safe, recognising shapes and letters in preparation for writing and I provide information sheets on child development for the teachers to gain a wider understanding of the stages of development. I also plan on delivery child protection courses for the teachers.

I am a qualified learning support teacher and have trained teaching assistants in the UK, taught in pre school, secondary school and in further education. I was also employed prior to a move to South Africa as a Child Welfare Officer for The English Football Association.

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