Tuesday 18 February 2014

Can you support a preschool in Mamelodi?

I'm currently training and supporting teachers at the Viva Foundation in the township Mamelodi, north of Pretoria.

The teachers want to learn new/different/better ways to teach, discipline and engage the children in educational activities whilst having fun.

I've started with a round up and a clear out of the stationery at home and from a few friends, I'm recycling paper and posters to make wall charts and folders for the children to store their work and provided the staff with some information on the stages of development and age appropriate activities, purchased a few story books and demonstrated to the teachers how to maximise the book with the re telling of the story, identifying numbers, colours, etc, etc. I've saved boxes, egg cartons, kitchen roll tubes, suggested hand and feet painting, making musical instruments, written lesson plans, listing the learning outcomes and educational value of many activities.

The preschool is a 100km round trip from where I live so as you can imagine the costs for volunteering are mounting up, I can't afford to fund the equipment needed to support this preschool long term

I'm currently meeting the costs for books, stationery and printing out colouring and learning activities of pictures and worksheets I'm drawing/designing, but with 46 children I won't be able to keep this up for long. The teachers are preparing a lot of the work, but as they live without electricity it is difficult for them to keep up as they work till 4.30pm and the sun goes down at 6.30pm and during that time they have to cook for their families, wash clothes, food shop etc

If you'd like to be involved with this preschool through financial or stationery donations please contact me at thechickendoesjoburg@gmail.com or on twitter @chickenruby.

We will tweet, blog, facebook and instagram your donations with your name and company.

I'd love to hear from you even if it's just posting a link to this request. Thank you.

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