Tuesday 25 February 2014

What's on your wish list?

Wish List

Solar Panel, battery and convertor.
Lethabong Township has no electricity or running water, the local Municipality delivers water once a week.
Electricity would allow the people who live there to set up and run a sewing group. They can supplement their salary to provide lunches for their children in the day and stationery items their children need for school. A group of parents will make school uniforms for the children, book bags and will be able to teach others basic sewing skills to mend clothing.

Ink Cartridges, printing paper and data allowance.
To be used by Santa Shoebox in Gauteng for advertising and recruiting individuals and companies to donate approx 42,000 filled shoe boxes to distribute to children in rural locations around the province. Printing work sheets, lesson plans and information.

School Uniform and Stationery.
For Legora Primary School in Mamelodi. Children are in classes of 40+ often 2 to a chair, there are few resources and teaching is delivered by ‘chalk and talk’ if the children don’t have stationery they can’t write down and improve their learning. There are 1956 children on register.

Buttons and Beads.
For Kungwini Protective Workshop for Adults with disabilities for improving fine motor skills, encouraging team work and making crafts to sell at the Nickel Xmas Market.

Kungwini Childrens Home for 15 children. They require toothpaste/brushes, deodorants, soap and shampoo.

Toiletries, stationery, books, sanitary pads, hand sanitisers, cleaning materials, detergents
For The Viva Foundation, Kungwini, Lethabong.

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