Thursday 27 February 2014

Conversations with my gardener

Him:      I have a problem, I can’t carry the food home you’ve given me
Me:        How is this MY problem? You need to make a plan
                15 minutes later
Him:      I don’t have a problem anymore
Me:        Tell me how did you solve your problem?
Him:      I ate my food

Him:      The spade won’t work
Me:        How can a spade not work?
Him:      I can’t make it work
Me:        Go fetch me the spade and I’ll show you how it works (puts shoes on ready to demonstrate
                how to use a spade)
Him:      (returns with spade)
Me:        Oh you mean the spade is broken (looks at the 2 halves, buys new spade)

Him:      I’ve washed the lawn mower
Me:        OK, thank you
Him:      Where must I empty the bucket of water I put the lawn mower in?
Me:        You put the lawn mower in the water?
Him:      Yes
Me:        It’s electric, it won’t work now
Him:      Why?
Me:        It’s electric, electricity and water don’t mix, give you your phone
Him:      Why?
Me:        I’m going to run it under the tap for you and clean it
Him:      No, don’t do that you’ll break it
Me:        That’s what has happened to the lawn mower
Him:      Thank you for explaining. I won’t do it again
Me:        (buys new lawn mower)